Upcoming Short Film FEVER Releases Teaser Trailer


A dark supernatural presence stalks a sick little girl and her skeptical mother

About the Short

Hearkening back to my own childhood fears, FEVER was born of a desire to pull away from the stigma of YouTube, fan-films, and social media filmmaking (fun as it is!), while maintaining my love of horror and popcorn cinema. The goal was to create a new supernatural mythology with a unique hook, drenched in atmosphere, and universal in its ability to terrify– all on a 1 day shoot schedule and shoestring budget of less than $2,000. Inspired by the late Wes Craven’s brilliant NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and its devilishly simple setup: “Don’t fall asleep”, FEVER begs a simple question:

About the Filmmaker

Born and raised in New York, writer/director Brian Karl Rosenthal cut his filmmaking teeth shooting on S-VHS camcorders in High School and editing deck-to-deck. Film school consisted of practical, hands-on experience, staying up way past his bedtime to watch MonsterVision with Joe Bob, and late-night deep dives into the special features of countless DVD’s. In 2013, at the height of the DSLR revolution, he tried his hand at YouTube, creating a viral hit in the infamous and critically acclaimed fan-film, MARVEL ZOMBIES vs. ARMY OF DARKNESS. Since then, Rosenthal has created and released several more viral short films to the combined tune of over 20 million views, while developing a handful of original feature film projects.

What if pure evil was contagious?

Written by Blacktooth

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