Deadsight (Review)

Director – Jesse Thomas Cook (Monster Brawl, Septic Man)
Starring – Liv Collins (The Door, The Hexecutioners), Adam Seybold (Exit Humanity, Hellmouth), and Ry Barrett (If a Tree Falls, The Hoard)
Release Date – 2018
Rating – 2/5

Tagline – “You’ll never see them coming”

I will always have a soft spot for zombie movies. I know many horror fans are burned out on them at the moment but I still keep an open mind when I see them on store shelves. This is one of my beloved sub-genres and I refuse to let the over abundance of Walking Dead clones ruin it.

A few weeks ago I received the press release for the new zombie flick Deadsight. The artwork peaked my interest so when I was asked if I wanted to review it I jumped on it. The premise is very interesting but the film did have a few hang ups. Thank you for allowing Horror Society and myself the opportunity to check it out!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a man who awakens handcuffed in the back of an ambulance and can’t see. He is able to break the rail off but is soon attacked by a zombie. He is able to free himself and makes himself to a nearby home where he is forced to kill a zombie. He locks himself inside and soon a pregnant officer arrives. She handcuffs his hands together and plans on leaving him behind to better her chances of survival but regrets it soon after. She goes back and frees him. Now the two must work together to survive so she can have her baby before the undead can get them. **Spoiler Alert**

I wanted to like Deadsight. I hate getting a movie in for review and then shitting on it. So many people put a lot of time and hard work into these films and I hate being that guy but I just didn’t care for this one. It just wasn’t what I was expecting and felt like it was missing so much to be truly effective.

The acting in this one is solid. The cast had some really fun characters to work with and they do a great job bringing them to life. They all pull in a lot of emotion from the viewer and you really like all the characters. You want them all to live but deep down you know that no one is safe in horror.

The story for this one is my biggest draw back. The movie boasts a quote about suspense or tension which I did not see in the film. The atmosphere is dark but I don’t feel any suspense or tension with the story. It moves at a snails pace but never actually builds in tension. Also, it’s painfully predictable which ruins most of the scares. The idea may have looked good on paper but it didn’t adapt very well to screen.

Finally, the film has several on screen kills but they are ruined by horrible CGI. The zombies look ok I guess but the kills we get are completely ruined with some SyFy quality computer effects. Overall, Deadsight just didn’t go the distance with me. The cast is perfect but the zombie action is bland and the story is just lackluster to say the least. Not one I would recommend.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.