The Intruder (Review)

Director – Deon Taylor (Dead Tone, Nite Tales: The Movie)
Starring – Meagan Good (Shazam!, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues), Dennis Quaid (Innerspace, Pandorum), and Michael Ealy (Almost Human, Barbershop)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “Your house. His home”

I get a lot of movies in to review. A good portion are movies that are sent to me to review that I had never heard of before. These movies usually are releases of older films on blu or indie movies that are just now making circulation. I like getting these random movies in the mail because I never know what to expect. However, not all these movies are ones I’ve never heard of before. I sometimes see a movie I’d really like to check out so I reach out for a review copy.

Several months back I saw the trailer for The Intruder and thought it looked like a fun popcorn flick. When I received the press release for the film a few weeks back I contacted them about a review copy and I couldn’t wait to see to check it out. It looked like a fun dark thriller you could watch with a bowl of popcorn and some beer.

**Spoiler alert**The film follows young married couple Annie (Good) and Scott (Ealy) Russell who purchase their dream home from the older Charlie (Quaid). Charlie is an innocent older man who loved his home but after losing his wife two years ago he no longer can bare the thought of living there alone. He plans on moving to Florida to be closer to his daughter. However, Charlie never really leaves. He continues to visit them at the most inopportune time which leads Scott to suspect that Charlie is stalking them. Scott confronts Charlie and soon he is hit by a speeding truck and sent to the hospital after he uncovers some secrets that Charlie is trying to keep hidden. Scott fears for his wife’s life and Charlie’s true intentions are revealed while Scott is in the hospital.**Spoiler Alert**

The trailer for this one really held my attention. It looked like a fun popcorn flick that would be predictable but entertaining. The movie was entertaining for the most part but the first half of the film made me think that this was going to be a negative review.

The acting in this one is fucking phenomenal. Meagan Good and Michael Ealy were great together. Their chemistry is perfect on screen and they work so well together. However, Dennis Quaid was the real star of the film. His mannerism changes drastically in the last portion of the film and his performance is fucking insane. This part was very intense and he delivered an unforgettable performance.

The story for this one works for a mainstream thriller that you would watch in theaters or late night with some non-genre fans but it is rather predictable. You know exactly where the story is going and the “twists” the film thinks they are throwing at you extremely predictable. You can see them coming a mile away. It has solid pacing but some of the scenes are too dialogue heavy.

Finally, The film does have an on screen kills with minimal effects alone with a little blood but nothing for the horror fan with an appetite for gore. The film relies heavily on the story for the chills and not carnage. Overall, The Intruder is a clichéd theatrical release with a great cast and some fun atmosphere. The film may be predictable but you will still find some entertainment with it. Check it out now on blu, DVD, and VOD. 

Written by Blacktooth

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