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Trashploitation: Secret Sins (Review)



Director – Allan Lee (Jessica’s Place, Casino Sex)
Starring – Jacy Andrews (My First MILF, Tomb of the Werewolf), Gina Ryder (Heartbreakers, Les Vampyres 2), and Taylor St. Clair (Hellcats in High Heels 3, Necro Files 2)
Release Date – 2003
Rating – 1/5

I get sent a lot of stuff to review. Most of which are horror and exploitation flicks but there is the occasional sexploitation or vintage porn that pops up in my mail box. At first, I used to turn them away or request the senders to stop sending them to me but after one peaked my curiosity I decided to give them a chance. Now I review everything sent to me because I never know what is going to be another film I’m proud to collect.

Sometime back Full Moon announced their new erotic streaming service that offered viewers plenty of softcore, sexploitation, and sleazy goodness. When they made this announcement they also announced that they would be releasing the softcore porn flick Secret Sins on DVD. I was curious about the release and they were kind enough to send a copy my way. Thanks guys!


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows sexually active Diane (Andrews) who finds the man of her dreams and settles down. She cuts off her wild ways in hopes of living that picture perfect life but quickly discovers that her husbands best friend is a man she once fucked in the woods. Things get even more hairy when she goes to a cabin with her man and some friends and sexual tensions come to a boil between the entire group.**Spoiler Alert**

I’ve watched my fair share of sleazy and raunchy movies over the years and I’ve learned that some of these are actually pretty fucking entertaining. Some go as far as to give the viewer an entertaining story with the sex scenes only working as filler to make the films longer. Sadly, this is not the case. The movie is a romance novel on film which is boring as fuck considering its softcore.

The acting in this one is extremely one sided. Jacy Andrews was surprisingly great in her role. She’s sexy and extremely confident on screen. Her performance was great and the sex appeal is unmatched on film. Sadly, her co-stars did not put forth an effort. We get amateur porn star acting that made almost every scene awkward to watch.

The story for this one is ripped straight from a middle-aged housewife’s romance novel. We get a free spirit who settles down with her dream man only to be thrust back into the wild world from which she came. Sexual fantasies and love may work for a romance novel but for an exploitation fan it does not go the distance so to speak. It was extremely boring which had me dozing several times.

Finally, no blood for those of you expecting it. However, if you want some very unenthused dry humping then you are in the right place. Overall, Secret Sins is sexy but a difficult watch. The story just isn’t there and the softcore scenes are not entertaining enough to hold the viewer’s attention. This is one I cannot recommend.


Written by Blacktooth

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