Necropolis: Legion (Review)

Director – Chris Alexander (Queen of Blood, Female Werewolf)
Starring – Augie Duke (Hell’s Kitty, Burning Kentucky), Ali Chappell (Beauty and the Beast, Psycho Biddies), and Lynn Lowry (Shivers, The Crazies)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 3.5/5

Tagline – “She’s coming back”

I grew up on Full Moon. I was a fan of all genres when I was a kid and every Friday I looked forward to hitting up the video store so I could get a stack of tapes for the weekend. My local video store was closed on Sundays so if you rented a movie on Friday you got an extra day to watch it. I would typically rent between 5 to 10 tapes and spend my weekend binge watching them. I loved all genres but when I wanted a horror movie I usually went for the Full Moon tapes. The artwork always pulled me in. The ride home was always unbearable. My mind raced wondering what kind of crazy tale Band and company was going to tell me.

Now, 20 some years later I find myself still getting just as excited when Full Moon announces a new title and with The Deadly Ten announced I can’t help but shit myself. Last month I watched Weedjies: Halloweed Night and loved it. It didn’t take us back to Full Moon’s golden days but I did highly enjoy it. This month Full Moon has Chris Alexander’s Necropolis: Legion set for release and Chris was kind enough to send it my way. Between you and me, this one was highly anticipated for me. Thank you for sending this one my way!

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a writer (Duke) who moves into a cabin once owned by an evil sorceress with mouthy nipples. She plans on using the location to inspire her next novel but the cabin’s rich supernatural history has other plans. The longer she is there in the cabin the more she has nightmare about Eva (Chappell), the sorceress. Soon Eva is able to take control of the young woman forcing an internal struggle for the woman to free herself. **Spoiler Alert**

I have a confession. I’ve never actually seen Necropolis and with the announcement of Alexander’s reimaging I discovered that I don’t own it either. After seeing this amazing film I will now actively be seeking out a copy to check out. My review for this film will not reflect on the original film and how well it ties to it. Instead, it will be about this particular film only.

The acting in this one is great. The cast does an amazing job bringing some very memorable characters to life. Augie Duke and Ali Chappell stand head and shoulders above the rest of the cast. Their characters are the main focus of the film and their performances are what makes the movie so damn entertaining. I couldn’t imagine this film with anyone else in the roles. It was also nice to see living legend Lynn Lowry in the film even for a small role. She is always fantastic to watch and it’s great seeing her in such an amazing movie.

The story for this one works for the film’s run time but any longer and the story would lose credibility. I liked the religious aspect mixed with the occult but the story is rather paper thin and stretched to the limit. The film has solid pacing and the slower scenes still help establish the story and build character development.

Finally, the film has some great practical effects but don’t expect a gory tale. The practical effects we do get work for what the film is going for but those of you that are seeking out a gorefest may not be happy with what you see here. Overall, Necropolis: Legion is an absolutely gorgeous film that relies on story and content rather than gore and violence. It’s a fever dream that reminded me a lot of 70’s Italian horror which can barely be done in today’s age. It may not be like the films that put Full Moon on the horror map but it is taking the company in a new direction and I’m all for it.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.