Blu Review – Lust of the Dead: Trash Terror Trilogy

Blu Release – 2/5

Lust of the Dead
Director – Naoyuki Tomomatsu (Zombie Self-Defense Force, Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies)
Starring – Rina Aikawa (CSI: Crime Scene Talks), Yui Aikawa (Missing 55, Lust of the Dead 2), and Asami (The Machine Girl, Helldriver)
Release Date – 2012
Rating – 2/5

When you compare my love for Japanese splatter you will notice that I’m fairly new to the sub-genre. I’ve loved horror for as long as I could remember but I never really ventured out to Asian horror until about 5 or 6 years ago. However, that is a thing of the past. I fucking love these movies for the most part and I’m always on the hunt for new ones. A year or so ago I was hunting down the Japanese horror flick Zombie Ass when I found Lust of the Dead 1 through 3 on DVD on amazon for around $50.

I almost bought them but a friend told me to hold off because he heard that these three films, also known as Rape Zombies, was getting a blu release. I held off and I’m glad I did. For almost a third of the price I was able to get the first three Lust of the Dead (there is five total films now) on blu from Media Blasters. Sadly, these films were not as fun as I would have thought.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a group of females who are trying to survive after the world is overrun by toxic males who want nothing more than to rape women. Many females group together to survive but soon the toxic men start to outnumber the women. Soon a nuclear bomb goes off and many of these men perish but those that survive are now severely burned and rotting with an insatiable appetite for women…in more than one way.**Spoiler Alert**

I knew this film was going to be trashy and offensive but I was expecting to find off the wall story like Helldriver, The Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, and so on. Sadly, this film was nothing like that and just felt like a no budget mess with sexy women scattered throughout.

The acting in this one is extremely awkward and out of place. I’ve seen several Japanese splatter horror flicks in the last few years and this is definitely the bottom of the barrel in regards to acting. The cast is extremely awkward to watch and in many of the scenes they make no attempt at getting into character. The only enjoyable moments with the cast is the softcore lesbians scenes. This seems to be the only time that the cast is dedicated to their scene.

The story for this one is funny in a way and definitely can be offensive to some. With that being said, the execution of this one is all wrong. The use of green screens and poor editing makes this story extremely difficult to follow. I wanted to love this one but after about 20 minutes I was ready to cut it off. The story and the way it was approached was somewhat painful to watch.

Finally, the film has a blend of visual and practical effects. The visual effects are hit and miss. Some of them were great but others were extremely dated and poorly used. The same cannot be said about the practical effects. Almost all of the practical effects were great and one of the few redeeming qualities of the film. The make-up effects could use some improvements but the practical effects were great. Overall, Lust of the Dead is a severely missed opportunity. The offensiveness of the film is lost in the lack of story. This is one I cannot recommend. Skip it.

Lust of the Dead 2
Director – Naoyuki Tomomtsu (Scissorpenis, Bite Me if You Love Me)
Starring – Asami (Gun Woman, Dead Sushi), Yui Aikawa (Missing 55, Lust of the Dead), and Maki Aoyama (The Outsider, Scissorpenis)
Release Date – 2013
Rating – 2/5

Sequels are usually a cash grab. A production company will quickly churn out a follow up to make a few extra dollars from a property that was somewhat successful. I like a good portion of sequels. Hell, there is a few sequels that I like more than the original films. However, its not often that we see a horrible movie get a follow film. That can’t be said with the Japanese horror comedy Lust of the Dead, aka Rape Zombies.

When I discovered the film on Amazon I soon learned that there is five total films in the series but the best I can figure is that the first three films may have been filmed back to back. Regardless of when they were filmed, I was still making my way throug the first three in the new blu release from Media Blasters.

**Spoiler Alert**This follow up once again follows the surviving women of Japan as they band together to fight of the infected toxic men who want to rip them limb from limb after fucking them. Now the women have another threat when the non-infected men come together and conclude that all women should are just sexual objects. **Spoiler Alert**

I was expecting much from this one after watching the abysmal first film. I know its the first week of 2020 but I highly doubt a movie will dissapoint me more than this series has this year. The first film was rough and the follow up film was not an improvement.

The acting in this one is another unenthused mess given to us. The cast has no interest in creating characters but perk up once the softcore sex scenes starts. I have a hard time figuring out if this is meant to be a softcore horror flick or a horror film with some extreme nudity.

The story for this one is exactly the same as the first film with little new added to it. The all men group that wants to rape women does change it up some but not enough to add a new experience to the viewer. It’s because of this and the look of the cast that I suspect that these first three films were filmed back to back.

Finally, we once again get some great practical effects with some questionable make-up effects on the infected. I really liked the practical effects but the visuals were hit and miss. Some of the visuals worked but there is several instances where the visual effects just didn’t look right at all. It was as if they ran out of time and just tossed it in. Overall, Lust of the Dead 2 is just a continuation of the first film with nothing new offered. The movie is a chore to finish and some viewers may not be able to finish this one. Skip it.

Lust of the Dead 3
Director – Maoyuki Tomomatsu (Erotibot, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl)
Starring – Asami (RoboGeisha, St. Zombie Girls’ High School), Iona (Zombie TV, Brutal), and Yui Aikawa (Missing 55, Lust of the Zombie)
Release Date – 2013
Rating – 2/5

I hate when I come across a series of films I had never seen before and when I toss them in I find myself not liking them. I can’t stand starting a series of films and not finishing them. When I sit down with one I have to watch them all. Sadly, when I tossed in Lust of the Dead I wasn’t expecting to come across a series of films that was almost unwatchable. The first two films in the series was a rough watch and the third and final film on the blu was standing in my way to freedom. I really wanted to like this series but I had extremely low expectations for the third film.

**Spoiler Alert** The film, once again, follows a group of female survivors who have barricaded themselves inside of a compound while the rest of the city is under siege by men infected with a virus that turns them into raping and flesh eating fiends. While trying to find a cure they accidentally bring in a man that showed no signs of infection. Later he turns and starts raping his wife and compromises the compound from the inside while the horde of zombies and uninfected men who think they are superior to women try to get in. **Spoiler Alert**

I was ready to turn my television off before I tossed in the third film. I was absolutely miserable before I tossed this one in and this one did not help matters any. This one, like the previous film, takes the same exact story and gives it right back to the viewer with very little changes.

The acting in this one is, as you already guessed, very weak and not that entertaining. The cast does come to life during the nude scenes but aside from that they sizzle and fade out. I assume that the cast was getting paid in peanuts because no one is putting forth any real effort.

The story for this one is also lacking. The movie takes the story from the first two films and just moves it a little further. Doesn’t really give the viewer something new. It may be enjoyable if you put time in between each viewing but if you binged these like I did you will be very disappointed. I hate seeing a series of films recycle the same story instead of building upon it.

Finally, this one follows the first two in delivering some decent practical effects along with some below par make-up effects. The effects team is not very consistent. The same can be said for the visual effects. Some are pretty decent but others just feel rushed so the film can be finished. Overall, Lust of the Dead 3 is another major miss in a series that could be highly entertaining. The third entry has no energy and creativity which creates another difficult film to sit through. Skip it.

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