Terror Cards – Digital Horror Card Collecting App

Terror Cards is a free digital trading card app featuring horror films
and celebrities. It is like collecting baseball cards except digitally
through an smartphone app. It is available for Android and iOS devices.
Terror Cards use to be physical cards back in the early 2000, but this
latest version of Terror Cards is all digital. Terror Cards trading
card app has been running since 2017.

How does it work?
After downloading, you get daily coins to open “packs” of cards. There
are different packs in the store depending on what films are currently
being showcased. Each pack has common cards and chances at rarer cards.
Some of the rarer cards feature signatures from the actors in the film
being showcased or a costume piece. Each film set comprises of a series
of cards. If you collect all the cards in that set, you are given an
award card which is usually even rarer than the rest of the cards in the
set. You can complete the set by opening packs of cards until you
finish it, or you can trade with other community members to finish the
set. There are new cards to collect every 2 days.

Give an idea of the cards in Terror Cards?
We feature films from major independent horror production and
distribution companies. Some of the companies we work with include
Wildeye Releasing, SRS Cinema, Socal Cinema Studios, Brain Damage,
Highland Myst, Synapse Films, and Full Moon. Films we have showcased
include Demons, Demons2, Velocipastor, Bonehill Room, Clownado, Doom
Room, The Harrowing, and many many others. Additionally, we have movie
incentive cards which are obtained only by answering movie trivia or by
direct film purchase. This is a great synergy between us and the
production companies.
Besides films, we also feature horror celebrities which includes
actors/actresses, directors, pinups, and influencers. For example, we
have an annual set called “Scream Queens” which showcases females in
horror films. Over the years, we have showcase Debbie Rochon, Tiffany
Shepis, Lynn Lowry, and dozens more in this set. All the cards in this
set have a rarer signature variation.


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