Terror 5 (Review)

Director(s) – Sebastian Rotstein (Rabbit 105, Historias Breves 8) and Federico Rotstein (Rabbit 105, Historias Breves 8)
Starring – Airas Alban, Augusto Alvarez, and Naiara Awada (27: The Cursed Club, Cherry Pie)
Release Date – 2016
Rating – 1.5/5

Tagline – “This all happened, more or less”

I haven’t been movie watching like I normally do. Instead, I’ve found myself addicted to Pubg again. I know this game is buggy as fuck and needs reworked but I absolutely love it and the deployment of bots added even more fun to it. After taking a week off from reviewing I decided it was time to watch a few movies. After watching a few Artsploition flicks I decided to give the action thriller Bloodshot a watch. When it let me down I decided to give another Artsploitation flick a spin. This time I went with the 2016 Argentinian horror film Terror 5. I want to take a moment to thank Artsploitation for sending this movie my way!

**Spoiler Alert** The film consists of 5 stories interwoven together and taking place in the same town. The first follows two teens on a date where they visit their school. The dude is under the impression he is going to get laid but uncovers that she is into something a bit more darker than he would like. The second story follows an unlikable couple that try to spice things up in the bedroom so they visit a hotel to add a little kink to their sex life but find something much more.

The third story follows a bullied teen who has had enough and kills his “friends” that pick on him. The fourth follows two ladies men that want to girlfriend swap but quickly discover that is not for them. The fifth and final story for this one follows a corrupt politician responsible for several deaths. Those that died return from the grave to seek revenge. **Spoiler Alert**

I was really excited about this one. I had seen some of the images from the film that was sent with the press release and it looked fucking awesome. However, once the film starts you quickly realize that the film may have some impresses imagery and camerawork but lacks on substance.

The acting in this one is pretty solid but the cast’s talent is lost in the clunky characters they portrayed and the film’s choppy editing. Honestly, the living characters are really hard to like. The viewer is just waiting for them to meet their demise.

The stories for this one has potential, for the most part, but just doesn’t do it for me. The first story could be a real sick masterpiece but takes a bit of a soft approach to it. I could see it taking a real Serbian Film route but we don’t get that. The last story with the undead is by far my favorite of the film. It’s a slow moving classic take on zombies that I really enjoyed but the segment is just too short to truly appreciate it.

Finally, the film has some brutal deaths and solid practical effects but they are not the center point of the segment. They just roll on through with the story while the horror hands looking for blood are forced to ride along. The viewer doesn’t get to really enjoy these scenes. Overall, Terror 5 has some very entertaining ideas but they are delivered in a painfully bland manner resulting in an forgettable anthology. Skip it.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.