True Crime Documentary About Killer Yancey McCord Now on Prime Video

New True Crime Documentary About Killer ‘Yancey McCord’ Now on Prime Video

In 1961, Yancey McCord is believed to have committed the familicide of the Jenkins clan in Kindred Township, Arizona. Victims included both parents, three children, and two visiting cousins resulting in 7 gruesome deaths in one home. McCord was taken in and held in custody. But sixteen hours later, he went missing after either an escape or release by the community’s only police officer. McCord was never pursued by authorities for this crime, essentially slipping through the cracks for nearly 60 years after disappearing from Kindred… until now.

Stunned by the event, the unincorporated township of Kindred went from a population of 171 to an estimated 30 within 5 years, becoming a real ghost town. Is Yancey McCord still in Arizona? Free or imprisoned? Dead or alive? The answers are unbelievable and you’ll get to find out in this suspenseful true crime feature-length film by director Michael Jason Allen.

This 90-minute film features interviews with those involved and reenactments based on facts and witnesses, the filmmakers and guest host Mark Speno bring you the inside scoop on the killer that Arizona literally forgot about. Fifty year Hollywood veteran Chris Robinson stars.

Official synopsis: Reenactments are coupled with interviews to investigate the familicide of the Jenkins clan of Kindred Township, Arizona in 1961 by the hand of Yancey McCord, the murderous perpetrator who spent only 16 hours behind bars. No one knew what became of him (including the authorities) until now.

Yancey McCord: The Killer That Arizona Forgot About (2020) is now available for free to Prime Video subscribers in the US and UK. Released by Regatta Media Streaming Services.

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  1. It’s all bullshit ! There never was a township of Kindred AZ.
    And there never was a Yancy McCord .

    • This is Ruby AZ, how do I know? My father and I along with my Mother, sister and brother lived here for 5 years! Montana Peak, the mine, the 2 houses you state Yancey, and Winsley oh no d
      Dear Sir, As the room with wood stove was mine. my brothers and sisters bedroom! The kitchen and cabinets and “nice floor” my father put those cabinets in the kitchen! What are you people trying to do? Your telling lies, and using my home place to do it! The lake you was in front of we caught fish and stuff in! Why wasn’t the pond mentioned? That was our bathing pond when it was warm! Your full of crap and I have no problem proving it! The truck you showed as you went in, we pretended we were driving into town, which was Marana, Arivaca also! I don’t understand why or how you thought you would get away with flat out lies! If I’m wrong feel free to call me, 540 427-1058 I will be more than happy to prove your full of BS!
      Becca Nelson, former resident 1970-1975.

      • I watched this and I’m sorry but I don’t believe it happened the way they were trying to tell it.

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