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Trashploitation – Peekarama: Carnal Highways & Carnal Olympics (Review)

Carnal Highways
Director – C.H. Howard
Starring – Fernando Fortes (Come Under My Spell, Lusty Princess), John Seeman (The House of Strange Desires, Forbidden Desire), and Seka (Lesbian Bra Busters of the 1970s, Dracula Sucks)
Release Date – 1980
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “Your road to total sexual satisfaction”

Horror is always my go to genre but sometimes I need something different. No one will question my dedication to the genre but sometimes I need something to break it up or I will find myself becoming tired with it. After watching a few no budget productions a supernatural cop flick I decided that it was time to have a sleazy double header. I went with one of the more recent Peekarama Vinegar Syndrome releases. The first one on the chopping block is the 1980 film Carnal Highways.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows two men who purchase a semi in hopes of finding sexual adventures. **Spoiler Alert**

You never toss in a sexploitation flick looking for an enlightening story and acting that tugs on your heart strings. You toss these movies in for some nudity and a half ass story that is unintentionally funny but ties the nudity together. When I was younger I found myself not caring for these films so much but as I get older I really like them for what they are. Cheap, sleazy, and sometimes funny. Carnal Highways is far from perfect but it was highly entertaining.

The acting in this one is what you would expect for a sexploitation flick from the early 80s. The film’s leads are funny and over enthusiastic when it comes to the possibility of getting laid. I really liked the energy they brought to their character even when it wasn’t a sex scene. The supporting cast is clearly there just for the sex scenes but their performances was not that bad. The story for this one is simple. Two dudes thinks driving a truck gets you laid. They go and buy a truck and soon find themselves swimming in it. Silly but still works for a sexploitation flick.

Finally, no blood and gore for this one but there is plenty of beautiful women and lots and lots of skin. Overall, Carnal Highways doesn’t deliver an unforgettable sexploitation but it does deliver entertainment. If you want something sleazy this one will not disappoint.

Carnal Olympics
Director – Carlos Tobalina (Lady Dynamite, Infrasexum)
Starring – Gail Sterling (Grind!, She Wolves of the SS), Lynx Canon (China Bitch, The Dark Angel), and Herschel Savage (Droid, Fallen II: Angels and Demons)
Release Date – 1983
Rating – 3/5

Tagline – “The unrivaled indoor sport!”

Sexploitation is not my go to sub-genre but I’ve found myself getting more and more excited for these releases from Vinegar Syndrome than I do with their horror releases. They are usually simple, sexy, and sleazy as fuck. I recently decided to watch a Peekarama double header with the first film being Carnal Highways. The next film in the double feature is the 1983 film Carnal Olympics. I once again want to thank Vinegar Syndrome for sending this one my way.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a pervert who tricks two adult film actresses into competing in a faux competition to see who is the better porn star. After fulfilling several of his fantasies he comes clean about scamming them and finds himself covered in semen. **Spoiler Alert**

I really enjoyed myself watching these two sleazy, yet, highly entertaining sexploitation flicks. The first one was a little more comical than this one but this one really dialed up the sleaze. The acting in this one is a little less in quality as Carnal Highways but they still have fun with it. The film takes no time to develop characters and the sex scenes are the main focus, obviously. The story for this one has the potential to be funny but doesn’t. The light hearted aspect of the movie get’s lost in the sex scenes.

Finally, no blood or gore as you suspected but this one does have way more sex scenes than you can handle. Most of the other sexploitation flicks I watch has a little more story than sex but this one is dialed all the way up. Sex, orgies, and more sex. Overall, Carnal Olympics is a sleazy good time and I would recommend it for any of you with a raunchy taste. Check it out.


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