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Nigel Hartwell Triple Threat Horror Collection Available on Blu-ray/DVD & VOD Today

The Nigel Hartwell Triple Threat is on its way. It will be released on Blu-ray/DVD & VOD on August 4th 2020.

Insight of Evil is about a set of twins. Eight months after her sister is brutally murdered, Tanya and her friends go to a cottage to celebrate high school graduation. But their party quickly turns into a blood bath as she stumbles upon the secret that was buried with her twin

Insight of Evil 2 is an 1980s slasher style horror film. This sequel pickups up three years after the original murders. As murders have continued through out the years, so have Tanya’s nightmares. Tanya returns to the scene of the crime with her doctor to rid herself of nightmares, only to confront her nemises once again.

The Expedition is about a Documentary crew that entered an asylum to shoot a documentary on the place on Halloween night 2004. Several mysterious things occurred throughout the night leading up to a missing crew member the following morning.

New Blood Entertainment has officially released the poster which is above.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)