Naked Cannibal Campers (Review)

Director – Sean Donohue (Death-Scort Service, Die Die Delta Pi)
Starring – Sushi Xhyvette Holder (Death-Scort Service Part 2: The Naked Dead), Sith Jade, and Veronica Raine
Release Date – 2020
Rating – 3.5/5

Tagline – “Three best buds head to the lake for a weekend of fishing. Unfortunately they become the bait… ”

When it comes to sleaze no one can out do director Sean Donohue and his GatorBlade Films label. I was first introduced to Donohue when he released his now seminal slasher Die Die Delta Pi but since then he has showered viewers with blood and boobs on several occasions. His popular Death-Scort Service series is often praised by horror groups on social media and critics alike.

Several months back director Nathan Rumler released his film Amityville Vibrator and I was completely blown away by this sleazy and blasphemous masterpiece. Not to be out-sleazed, Donohue went to work on his newest flick Naked Cannibal Campers. Much like Amityville Vibrator, NCC was one of my most anticipated films of the year. As soon as I could order a copy I jumped on it and recently got it in. I immediately tossed it in.

**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a group of guys that illegally go to the side of a lake that is off limits to campers. There they meet three beautiful women who are always open for a party as long as clothes are optional. What the men don’t know is that these three ladies, along with the female forest ranger, are cannibalistic witches who need their bodies in more than one way.**Spoiler Alert**

Nudity, much like extreme horror, is pretty pointless in a movie unless it fits well with the story. I’m just being honest. If I’m really in the mood for some tits and ass I can just go to pornhub to watch some redheads piss on each other. However, I’d rather spend my time watching a movie that embraces itself. It’s fully aware that fans want blood and nudity so they are written into the story. That’s why movies like Amityville Vibrator, Death-Scort Service, and NCC work so well. They know exactly what they are and they write the nudity and gore into the story so that it works. It’s not out of place or awkwardly placed.

The acting in this one is fun but there is some room for improvement. I really enjoyed the characters. The guys are your typical cliched guys with the frat boy mentality. They do a solid job. The witches are the star of the show. All four of them are absolutely gorgeous who bare it all for their roles. The characters are fun and I can’t wait to see them come back for more in a sequel.

The story for this one had me sold since Donohue first announced it. Cannibal witches in the woods eating people while nude is fucking brilliant, simple, and could take the viewer anywhere. As much as I love the story it does snag during a few scenes that are dialogue heavy. The dialogue is a little rough at times but once that is over the film picks right back up.

Finally, the film is full of blood. We get a couple fantastic kills that showcases some of the typical gore effects that fans can rely on from GatorBlade. The kills make great use of the practical effects and works for the story. Also, boobs… Overall, Naked Cannibal Campers will not be for everyone but if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like it then it’s safe to say I probably don’t care for you. It’s sleazy as fuck and just as blood. I highly recommend checking out this film as soon as you can!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.