Blu Review – Limbo (AGFA & Bleeding Skull)

Director – Tina Krause (Tina Krause Captured)
Starring – Barron (Trick or Treats), Suze Daufler, and Sean Farrell
Release Date – 1999
Rating – 1/5
Blu Release – 3/5

Last year I realized that I had accumulated several of the American Genre Film Archives releases on blu. I decided it was time to give the ma spin and quickly found myself falling in love with their releases. Not only were the image and sound quality of these once forgotten films top notch but the movies were extremely fun… for the most part. Their collaborative efforts with Something Weird and Bleeding Skull has resulted in some of my favorite releases in my collection.

When Vinegar Syndrome announced the special edition slipcover release of AGFA and Bleeding Skull’s Limbo from actress Tina Krause I jumped on it. When it arrived I quickly worked it into my schedule for review. Sadly, the film was a tough sit for me and I found myself struggling to finish it.

**spoiler Alert**The story, or lack there of, follows a woman who picks up some strange at the local bar. She accidentally kills him and over the next few days she struggles with the people around her, a supernatural presence, and a trip to her own Hell.**spoiler Alert**

I dived into this one very excited to see what crazy film AGFA and Bleeding Skull has brought me but I was soon greeted with a film that struggles with pacing and story telling. It took me almost three days to finish this 55 minute film. I try to be open minded about everything I review and granted this was an AGFA release I knew it would be far from perfect but this one just didn’t flow that well. Hell, maybe it’s so perfect that only a true genius can enjoy it and it’s over my head. Regardless, this film was not a fun experience for me.

The acting in this one left much to be desired. The cast had little to no experience. In fact, Krause herself is the only person I could find in the film with more than one credit to her name with most of the cast having only this film as their only credit. The characters just feel uncomfortable in their roles and don’t give their scenes the dedication they deserve. It almost feels like they were asked to be in it as a favor to Krause.

The story for this one does not flow like your typical horror film. It’s almost like an arthouse fever dream that is difficult to follow. I see it compared to David Lynch meets a Nine Inch Nails music video. I can see why they would compare it to those but I feel like that is giving this one a little too much credit. At least a David Lynch film has a consistent story throughout. The way the story is told here makes it extremely difficult to follow.

Finally, gorehounds will be very disappointed in this one. The film focuses more on story than it does blood. We get just a little blood but nothing to notice. Overall, Limbo was a painful watch to me. I always try to be respectful when I review a movie but I’m struggling to find anything nice to say about this one. I know this was an S.O.V. release initially but the blu release is very dark at times. So dark that I had lighten my screen up during these scenes. AGFA and Bleeding Skull has released some real gems. Sadly. Limbo is not one of them.

Special Features:
Region Free Blu-ray
New transfer from the original S-VHS master tape
Commentary track with Tina Krause and the Bleeding Skull! team
Archival behind-the-scenes documentary
ANSWERING MACHINE short film by Tina Krause
Fantastic Fest Q&A
EATEN ALIVE, a W.A.V.E. Productions short starring Tina Krause

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.