Angry Asian Murder Hornets (Review)

This sting will be your last

Director – Dustin Ferguson (Ebola Rex, 5G Zombies)
Starring – Jarad Allen (Frames of Fear 3, Demon Dolls), Elizabeth Barstow (Found Footage of Fear, 5G Zombies), and Clint Beaver (RoboWoman, Runaway Nightmare)
Release Date – 2020
Rating – 1/5

This pandemic has put a strain on a lot of people. So many lives lost from Covid while many more are suffering unemployment, depression, and many more issues brought on by this unspeakable disaster. Some people has chose to distract themselves from everything go on and turn to creating as a way to pass the time.

Indie filmmaker Dustin Ferguson is one filmmaker that has not wasted time these last few months having turned out several films. He began he pandemic trilogy of films with Angry Asian Murder Hornets, Ebola Rex, and then Arachnado. I reviewed Ebola Rex last month and decided to review AAMH this month as part of my October horror binge.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows several people who are enjoying their days when mutated asian murder hornets make their way across the country killing any and everyone they come in contact with. **spoiler Alert**

Angry Asian Murder Hornets is the kind of movie I love reviewing. These outlandish and insane stories mixed with no budgets are typically my bread and butter. However, the post-covid guidelines and social distancing has made making movies damn near impossible. On any given day I would have loved this movie but since the cast couldn’t be together and most of the scenes were self-shot by the cast it made for a rather messy film.

The acting in this one, much like Ebola Rex, is not very conventional. A good portion of the film follows actors as they react to the bees alone while filming themselves. It wouldn’t have been an issue if it was done just a time or two but having an entire film like that is a bit choppy to watch. The cast is awkward to say the least.

The story for this one is straight out of the drive-in era. Sadly, the way it was filmed really doesn’t give the story justice. It struggles with pacing and the movie jumps scene to scene causing a bit of confusion as to why. Also, some scenes in the film make absolutely no sense. I understand the world is upside down with the pandemic but I would really love to see Ferguson tackle this one again after the pandemic is over.

Finally, this is not a bloody flick. It uses some cheap visuals for the bees, which I can looked passed, but the way the scenes have very little to connect them together we don’t really get to enjoy them like you would a tradtional creature feature. Overall, Angry Asian Murder Hornets is one that I was really looking forward to but was very disappointed with. I understand the world has changed and so has how movies are made but this one just couldn’t do it for me. Sadly, I have to say this one needs skipped.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.