Beyond Fury (Review)

Revenge on an epic scale…

Director – Darren Ward (A Day of Violence, Sudden Fury)
Starring – Dani Thompson (Christmas Slay, My Bloody Banjo), Jeff Stewart (The Nightmare Man, Doctor Who), and Giovanni Lombardo Radice (The Omen, Cannibal Ferox)
Release Date – 2019
Rating – 3/5

I’m always looking around on social media for new indie horror flicks to check out but sometimes I come across non-genre indie releases that really catch my attention. A few months back I saw a few posts from people showing off copies of the action flick Beyond Fury from filmmaker Darren Ward. This revenge flick looked like something I would really enjoy so I reached out to Ward and he was kind enough to send over a link for me to check this one out. Thanks Darren!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a man and his wife who are expecting their first child. On their way to their car they are harassed by a group of thugs. They attack him and kill his pregnant wife while leaving him for dead. However, he awakens and sets out for bloody revenge on those that stole his wife and unborn child from him. **Spoiler Alert**

I knew this wasn’t a horror movie before I hit play but it looked like a love letter to the action exploitation flicks of the 70s and 80s that I fucking love. I was right for the most part but I was not prepared for the brutality in this one. I’ve seen a lot of action movies in my day and very few brought the blood like this one.

The acting in this one is very inconsistent. Some of the cast does an absolutely phenomenal job while others were just underwhelming. I was looking forward to seeing Giovanna Lombardo Radice in this one but his character and performance was the one I least enjoyed. His character brought about some very unintentional humor that just didn’t fit the movie at all. The rest of the cast does a solid job but Radice just feels out of place.

The story for this one is very inspired by Death Wish and Death Sentence where we follow a loving family man trying to pick up the pieces after a group of goons ruins his life. He then seeks revenges against those that did it. Nothing new or original here but what sets this one apart from other movies like it is the brutality and deaths that accompany the film which brings me to my final part of the review.

Finally, the deaths in this one are fucking brutal with some seriously impressive practical effects. These death scenes have to be seen to truly appreciate. Overall, Beyond Fury is not the most original movie I’ve seen but it sure was fucking violent and bloody. Horror fans, most of all, can really appreciate the practical effects in this one. I highly recommend it.

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.