Unearthed Films’ Too Extreme for Mainstream Title “29 NEEDLES” is Next Level

Unearthed Films announced the latest in its Too Extreme for Mainstream Line (TEFM), 29 NEEDLES is now available on Blu-ray and DVD for a limited 30 pre-order period, exclusively at Each disc also comes with a bonus 11×17 poster of the cover of this brutal film. Pre-order is available until February 25, 2021, and then sales for the film will close. Due to the nature of Too Extreme for Mainstream films, these are not available through the usual commercial outlets.

“This is the most extreme film I have ever seen,” said Stephen Biro, Owner/CEO of Unearthed Films.

Exploring such topics as sadism, masochism, and one man’s ready descent into his personal hell, 29 NEEDLES has all of the brutal nastiness you’d expect from a TEFM title, with subversive and beautiful, yet truly disturbing scenes. In 29 NEEDLES, Francis (Brooke Berry) uses pain to hold back his inner demons, but when this no longer works, his obsessions for pain and sex lead him into new territory.

Scott Philip Goergens, director, gallery owner and artist: “My work is meant to challenge. To push the boundaries of what is conventionally comfortable and “normal”. 29 NEEDLES is meant to highlight aspects of the human condition in ways that evoke tones of anxiety, perversion, fear, and the things we do in our lives to combat them. The graphic imagery and shock is used for narrative purposes. When we sit in what is uncomfortable – we discover how we survive through them. This is what Francis does and so does the viewer as we follow his journey. 29 NEEDLES is a psycho-sexual body horror, but more than anything is a character study.”

Extras on the new Unearthed Blu-ray and DVD feature a Director’s Commentary, The Making of 29 NEEDLES, Outtakes, a photo gallery, and trailers from Unearthed Films.

“Hellraiser meets Memento.” – Adam, Adamthemoviegod

“…heed my warning folks, this movie is very difficult to watch.” – Tony Wash, Bloody Disgusting

“…bold, nihilistic, beautiful and devastating” – Steven Wandling, Creepy Lovely

“This movie MUST be seen!” – Stephen Stull, Director, Sick ‘n’ Wrong Film Festival

“Disturbing and unsettling…” – Rebecca Rinehart, PopHorror

“An unforgettable movie.” – Jay Hawkinson, The Screamcast

“29 Needles is a great example of raw, unfiltered cinematic expression…” – Corin Totin, Sick Flix

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)