Brimstone Incorporated (Review)

Three tales of terror worth the price of your soul!

Director(s) – James L. Edwards (Her Name Was Christa) and Brad Twigg (Killer Campout, Deathboard)
Starring – Drew Fortier (Frames of Fear 3, Her Name Was Christa), Rick Jermain (Milfs vs. Zombies, Bigfoot!), and James L. Edwards
Release Date – 2021
Rating – 4/5

Over the last few months I’ve saw actor and filmmaker James L. Edwards (Polymorph, Bloodletting) post about his new feature Brimstone Incorporated on social media. I was really digging the poster for this one and I was already sold on the film after watching his directorial debut Her Name Was Christa.

A few days ago I was asked to share the blu release of the film on the site from filmmaker Brad Twigg when I discovered this new film was an anthology and Twigg had directed one of the segments. Brad was kind enough to send over a link to the screener for me to check out. I’m glad he did because I fucking loved this film. So much so that right before I typed this review I went ahead and ordered the blu.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows Gregory (Fortier) who is over bringing in the recently deceased to process for hell. When he gets in a new “client” he has them tell him their story. The first client of the day is a young man who was on a first date from hell with an extremely religious and rude woman. When the date goes south he find’s his date becoming violent before she pulls out a gun. She kills several of the people in the diner. As he lays dying he finds himself being helped by a young man only to discover it was his date’s former lover who is finishing her job. The second client is a young man who was having a hard time with the ladies. Every time he found himself getting close to a woman she would up and disappear. What he doesn’t know is that his mother was killing them and she was once part of a suicide cult but tried to leave when she was pregnant with him. The third and final client is the brother of a man who was a recluse who received a special kind bud from his brother. The bud, along with a scheduled fumigation, sends him over the edge tripping hard. When he fails to answer the phone, his brother goes to check on him and dies on the way there. **Spoiler Alert**

I knew nothing about Brimstone Incorporated prior to viewing it aside from the fact that it was an anthology flick. I went into this one completely blind and fucking loved it. The acting and the stories really made this one stand out. I fucking loved it and if you are a fan of good horror anthologies then I highly recommend this one.

The acting in this one is great. Every segment was well done. Fortier was phenomenal as the sleazy corporate goon over interviewing the recently deceased. I really loved the character and the energy he gave him. The director of the wrap around segment and two of the stories, James L. Edwards, does a fantastic job as the start of the first story. He is a phenomenal actor and once again demonstrates his skill on screen. I also enjoyed Rick Jermain’s performance as the reclusive stoner. He was fantastic and I really liked his character. I’ve seen him in other films and there was a few performances he delivered that came across as a little forced but this one was very grounded. With all that being said, Shianne Daye made the film for me. Her character was fucking intense and absolutely the center of attention.

The stories for this one are fun but some fit better than others. The wraparound segment sells the film in my opinion. It was such a simple gimmick that really bookends the stories very well. Also, all three segments were great. The first segment really worked with the film and fit beautifully. The second segment worked as well and took the film into the occult direction. I really dig stories like this and would have loved to see more of it. The third segment is probably my favorite of the film but it’s the one that is a little out of place. I know the point of the story, the fumigation and what not, but it’s essentially a little creature story at heart that really should have embraced it. Maybe I’m being a little too hard on it because it was my favorite but I would have loved it more if it would have went that direction.

Finally, the film has some blood and well done practical effects. The film isn’t that gory but if you are look for some fun kills and decent make-up effects then I highly suggest giving this one a spin. Overall, Brimstone Incorporated is a fantastic horror anthology that is a lot of fun. I highly recommend checking this one out. You will not be disappointed.

Written by Blacktooth

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