Soundscape Theater Presents “The Brain Ball”

Soundscape Theater presents: ‘The Brain Ball’* by Christine Sloan Stoddard

Directed by John Cappello | Sound Designed & Edited by India Stachyra

MAN – Brian Parker
WOMAN – Marsha-Ann Hay

*Trigger Warning: This production contains audio of gory violence and intense eating sounds starting at 8:00, until the end.

A party? This should be a no-brainer! A mysterious party lures two strangers to the dance floor. Will they share true love or the kiss of death? How they spend the evening will take some brainpower!

Sounds* in this production (besides character dialogue): Loud techno music, techno music breaking down, outdoor nighttime sounds, door creaking open, footsteps on a creaky floor, growling, paper ruffling, sound of a body hitting the floor, chopsticks cracking in half for skull-snapping sound effect, crunchy/slimy eating sounds (see Trigger Warning above).

*This production uses right or left sound for certain effects and voices.

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“’Hustle’ by Peyruis 🇫🇷 | Non Copyrighted Party Music” by Breaking Copyright — Music For Videos & Streams

“Ambience Outdoor Night Sound Effects” by ▓▒UTOOBASAURUS▒▓

“Old Creaky wooden door – open and close – Sound effect” by Soundsnap

“Footsteps on Squeaky Floor Free Sound Effect (Various Versions!)” by Free Sound Effects FesliyanStudios

Wallet ruffling, floor thumping, cracking sound and additional eating sounds by India Stachyra.


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