Tickles the Clown (Review)

In space no one can hear you laugh

Director – BVC Fourteen (Trump vs the Illuminati, Bigfoot vs Megalodon)
Starring – Bill Oberst Jr. (3 From Hell, Circus of the Dead), Jennifer Fourteen (Zombie Busters, Bigfoot vs Megalodon), and Marco Guzman (Bigfoot vs the Illuminati, Trump vs the Illuminati)
Release Date – 2021
Rating – 1/5

Here we are. The fourth and final film in what has been a very unique film experience. If you are reading this as a one off review this is the fourth film in an animated sci-fi series consisting of the titles Bigfoot vs the Illuminati, Trump vs the Illuminati, Bigfoot vs Megalodon, and finally Tickles the Clown. The series is pretty wild for the most part but what could be something very fun and memorable has been a tough chore to finish. I want to thank MVD for sending this one over and for always supporting Horror Society.

**SPoiler Alert** The film follows the last members of the human race as they rush to find a cure for what makes their sworn enemies, the Illuminati, so evil. Their only hope of finding a cure for this lies with the evil Tickles the Clown which is locked away in a maximum security prison. However, Tickles doesn’t want the humans. In fact, he wants to kill as many of them as he can. He is able to escape and soon finds a home with the Illuminate. **Spoiler Alert**

I wasn’t expecting much from Tickles the Clown and that’s exactly what I was given. This is the laziest film in the series and the most repetitive. I was hoping that since the film features Bill Oberst Jr. as the lead it would step it’s game up but that was not the case. Just a quick ploy to pull in viewers.

The voice acting in this one is just like the other films. The cast create unique voices but they don’t match the tone of the film. Imagine voices you would find in Saturday morning cartoons on top of the animated films like Starship Troopers. It’s two different styles that don’t compliment each other.

The story for this one is the weakest of the four and repeats itself. We follow the princess/queen as she tries to convince Tickles to aid their cause. This happens more times than I cared to count and is the entire basis for the film. It’s not funny and it’s a chore to watch especially when you know his answer. This scene should have been a one and done scenario but it’s not. They turned it into an hour long film. If you’ve watched the other three I highly suggest you skip this one.

Finally, the animation is exactly as it was in the other films. The scenery and the characters look great but they never open their mouths to talk and flail their arms. The artwork looks great but the animation is lacking. Overall, Tickles the Clown is one hell of a way to end a trashy series. It’s one of the most difficult films to watch and I was not a fan. Skip it.


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