It’s Shocktober! In conjunction with their momentous achievement of causing fears for 10 years, Scream Factory is having its biggest Shocktober sale ever – the week-long sale (9/29 – 10/7) will offer a decade-worth of great horror releases at 50% off. Additionally, Scream will host massive giveaways each day of the sale – offering up tons of out-of-print titles and other rediscovered goodies (including stuff from Sacred Bones, NECA, Gutter Garbs, and more) for the entrants lucky enough to win. Lastly, and perhaps most exciting of all, Scream Factory will be selling an exclusive, limited-run Scream Factory 10th Anniversary t-shirt (see image below), designed by their friends at Gutter Garbs. Details on the sale and how to enter the contests are available at

Scream Factory TV Presents: 31 Nights of Horror! Scream Factory TV has handed its nightly lineup of diabolical double features over to the fans! They’ve voted and the Scream team couldn’t be prouder of the lurid lineup that they’ve created. Starting October 1st, fans can tune in every night for FREE beginning at 6pm PT/ 9pm ET to watch the uncensored versions of these favorite films on Scream Factory TV or, for the more sensitive hearts, the broadcast versions on Shout! Factory TV and see if the films they voted for made… the cut! Scream Factory TV is available on, or on any of the Shout! Factory TV apps, currently available on Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, and Roku.

Scream Factory TV Presents: Master of Monsters hosted by John Carpenter! The legendary director and musician John Carpenter, director of films released by Shout! Factory/Scream Factory such as Halloween, Escape from NY, Big Trouble in Little China, The Fog, The Thing, and many more; is a huge Godzilla fan. He sits down to present his 4 favorite monster films directed by Ishiro Hondo: Godzilla, The Uncut Japanese Original (Gojira), Destroy All Monsters, Ghidorah, The Three-Headed Monster, and The War of the Gargantuas. John Carpenter will make appearances throughout to discuss his great love and admiration for the franchise. Master of Monsters kicks off on Scream Factory TV on November 3, Godzilla Day, and runs through November 6.

Scream visionaries take to Instagram Live! A conversation with Scream Factory creators Jeff Nelson and Cliff MacMillan will be hosted on Instagram Live on September 30th at 10AM PT / 1PM ET on the @screamfactoryofficial Instagram page. Jeff and Cliff will be taking questions about releases new and old over on @screamfactoryofficial as part of a live conversation that should not be missed. Fans should join the chat on Instagram with any questions they’ve been dying to ask.

From Halloween to Friday The 13th, The Slumber Party Massacre to Serial Mom, Scream Factory™ is home to some of the most crucial films in the genre, including Sleepaway Camp, The Funhouse, The Burning, Mad Max, The Fog, The Howling, and Black Christmas, new films such as the critically acclaimed feature and hugely-successful The Babadook as well as cult-favorites that might not have been made available otherwise, like Cat People, Lifeforce, Tales from the Hood, Alligator, Vice Squad, and April Fool’s Day. In order to provide the best and most complete content possible, Scream Factory has worked closely with many film legends over the years, like John Carpenter (Prince of Darkness, Assault on Precinct 13), Wes Craven (Deadly Friend, Shocker, The People under the Stairs), John Waters (Serial Mom), Brian De Palma (Phantom of the Paradise, Raising Cain, Obsession, Carrie), James Gunn (Slither), Clive Barker (Nightbreed), and Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

Over the course of the last 10 years, Scream Factory™ has had many exciting achievements, including two major box sets of quintessential franchises, the Friday the 13th Collection (Deluxe Edition) – the definitive Blu-ray™ collection of one of the most influential horror franchises ever created including all 12 original films, and Halloween [The Complete Collection] – the first time all 10 Halloween films were packaged together, as well as complicated restorative releases such as Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut, and Raising Cain [Collector’s Edition], and The Exorcist III [Collector’s Edition]. Scream Factory is now releasing some of the most iconic horror titles of all time, such as Halloween, Carrie, Child’s Play, The Return of the Living Dead, Army of Darkness, and Piranha on 4K UHD to once again provide fans with the utmost home entertainment experience.

Last but not least, 2022 saw the launch of Scream Factory TV, a home base for horror fans to scream and stream their favorite films. Available on, or on any of the Shout! Factory TV apps, currently available on Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, and Roku, Scream Factory TV’s programming includes events such as Killer Fish Day and Summer of Fear, special programming featuring the likes of Joe Dante (Joe Dante’s Film Inferno), and the aforementioned Master of Monsters hosted by the one and only John Carpenter.

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