The Secret of Cuck Island (Review)

Shining a black light on the ultimate cumspiracy!

Director – Rives Elliot (Rednecks, Latched)
Starring – John Burgio (Critical Miss), Kacey Czosnowski (Diabolical), and Alexandra Faye Sadeghian (I Kill Demons, Shakespeare’s Shitstorm)
Release Date – 2022
Rating – 3.5/5

I often look around social media for indie flicks that sneak under my radar. Sometimes I find a dud or a movie that doesn’t really work but you can still see the director’s passion for the project. Other times you find a film that is so absurd and out there that you will crawl through a mile of broken glass just to see it. A couple weeks ago I found a post for the film The Secret of Cuck Island having a showing at Cinema Wasteland. The Ghanian inspired poster and title really sold me on the film. I reached out to their Facebook page and was able to secure a review copy to check. I’m glad I did because this film was a lot of fucking fun.

**spoiler alert** The film follows an awkward young man who wants to aspire while living in the city. He takes on odd jobs like being an assistant to a social media influencer and filming footage for environmental activists. When he uncovers a chemical spill on the shore at the edge of the city he soon finds himself on the run when two government agents try to shut him up about the incident. **Spoiler Alert**

The Secret of Cuck Island is nothing like I was expecting but god damn was it a lot of fun. It’s an odd film that brings the found footage into the modern age in a realistic and relevant manner. I’m not a fan of the traditional found footage films but the way this one was done was rather unique in a way while keeping the film watchable. It has the shaky camera movements at times to remind the viewer that it’s a found footage flick but it doesn’t over do it. It stabilizes itself to make the scene work which is something most found footage films never do.

The acting in this one was a lot of fun. The characters are anything but cliched and the cast brings a lot of energy to the film. Some of the roles are a little more demanding than the others but everyone is all in. Their dedication and energy in the roles doesn’t overshadow their inexperience but it’s still a lot of fun.

The story for this one is a bit of a mess but it’s something that cult film fans like myself can truly appreciate. It’s not another generic slasher or walking dead film. Instead, it’s a faux found footage film about government corruption. I found myself laughing more than I expected and the film’s chaotic story keeps the viewer guessing from scene to scene. It’s not predictable and it’s something you never expect to see when you hit play on the film.

Finally, don’t expect a blood bath or gore. We get a scene with a cult and their saggy nuts, an e-girl letting a nerd bang her, and toxic meat but no gore. Overall, The Secret of Cuck Island is just as wild, if not wilder, than the film’s poster. I fucking loved it and I know fans of Troma will as well.

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