Female Masked Slasher “The Slasher Nurse” Reaches Goal In Only Five Days

Jason, Michael, Leatherface; All icons of horror that bring love and nightmares to horror fans around the world. One thing they also share: they’re all guys. Even the latest horror icon to pop on the scene, Art The Clown is a male (as far as we know) killer. Obscure ones like Leslie Vernon; also male. Unless you were to include the women from The Strangers or the ones who dawned the ghostface outfit in the Scream franchise, there never has really been a female masked slasher that can stand along side the icons of horror. Back in 2017, a group of horror fans got together to change that with their first feature film, “Curse of the Slasher Nurse”.

Unfortunately, with little experience and no budget, the debut of the masked female slasher known as the Slasher Nurse mostly went unnoticed. Six years later and 4 full length horror films later, Slasher 15 Productions has just released a crowdfunder for their latest project “The Slasher Nurse” a reboot of their 2017 no budget indie horror film and they’ve already reached their initial crowdfunding goal in only 5 days.

Released in 2018, Curse of the Slasher Nurse tells the story of a girl who is committed after accidentally stabbing her mother to death with a butcher knife. Flash forward 15 years and the now adult girl escapes from the mental hospital hellbent on revenge and leaving a trail of bodies along the way. Curse of the Slasher Nurse was the first film for Dave Kerr, founder of Slasher 15 Productions and was made with little experience and only $5,000. Over the years, Slasher 15’s films have grown in budget and quality with their most notable film to date being “Bloody Summer Camp” starring Felissa Rose and Dave Sheridan. They managed to raise over $35,000 for that film and it was picked for distribution by Gravitas Ventures and is currently available on most VOD platforms.

The Slasher Nurse is reimagining of the original story with certain key elements staying the same while changing the characters and plot. The nurse’s look will be getting a makeover as well and she’ll have a new origin story but it will stay true to the gut wrenching feel of the original story.

“The original film was something that we’d be wanting to remake for a while. We created the Slasher Nurse because there just weren’t any badass female slashers out there like Michael or Jason or Leatherface. There are plenty of female villians but not when it comes to a masked killer with the lore behind them like the other male slashers that everyone loves so much” said Dave Kerr. Kerr stated that he doesn’t believe the Slasher Nurse got a fair go due to it being their first film and such a small budget and he hope that now, they can remake it and give the Slasher Nurse the film she deserves.

The Slasher Nurse crowdfunder had a goal of $10,000 which they’ve already passed but they want to remind everyone that the more money they raise, they better the film will be. They also said that more money allows better kills and also the possibility of some horror icons to possibly be involved in the project. There currently have stretch goal listed on their indiegogo include upgraded gore/deaths, upgraded locations and the addition of horror celebs to the film.

Slasher 15’s last film, Go Away raised more than $50,000 through Indiegogo. If you’re interested in contributing and helping this film get made, check out the Indiegogo link below.

The Slasher Nurse Indiegogo:


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