The Abomination Collection: Goredrome Picturesto release extreme horror films Beyond Dark Dreams and Mutilation Theatre

This month, thanks to Goredrome Pictures, Beyond Dark Dreams (USA – 2021) by Joseph Russio and Mutilation Theatre (USA – 2023) by White Gardenia come in a standard edition (DVD + 12 page Booklet).
The pre-order is now live on Goredrome and TetroVideo official websites.

Beyond Dark Dreams and Mutilation Theatre are the other two films of the Abomination Collection Vol. 1, the extreme series with the exclusive artwork by Shin Nagai on the box set.
Created and distributed by Goredrome Pictures, the Abomination Collection Vol. 1 consists of 7 shocking films (of which the first two chapters are Necromaniacs and Scarlet Piss Princess) that deal with a cluster of strong subject matter including a lot of perversions.
The other films will be announced in the coming months.

Beyond Dark Dreams

Written, directed and starring Joseph Russio (Spirit Animal), the nightmarish Beyond Dark Dreams is an extreme horror film full of practical effects, and inspired by Giallo films from the lines of Dario Argento and Mario Bava.
Synopsis: wandering alone through his dark house, a struggling writer (Joseph Russio) comes into possession of a mysterious drug. Its effect causes strange hallucinations, but as the night progresses, his visions become a hellish reality.
Joseph Russio, Fred Adams, Hannah S. Black, Jennifer DiBlasio, Anabel Humble, Alexandria Lewis, Shanis McGee and Stephanie Riker star.

Beyond Dark Dreams Extras:
– Trailer;
– Photogallery.

Mutilation Theatre

Mutilation Theater is the definitive collection with new exclusive never-seen before footage by White Gardenia, the director of the segments “Allison’s Mouth fills up with Blood and Semen” and “Yummy Fur” featured, respectively, in XXX Dark Web and Vore Gore, the two extreme horror anthology films distributed by TetroVideo.

Mutilation Theatre Extras:
– Introduction to Coagulation Blood (Short film);
– Daniel and Allison Wedding Ceremony (Short film);
– Potential Ways to defeat Death (Short film).

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