It’ll Be Okay (Short Review)

Director – Richard Russell (Thewlis, Dinner Guest)
Starring – Allison Marie Rogers (The Pure and the Damned, A Very Frail Heart), Douglas Esper (Dwellers, The Other Side of Darkness), and Jacob Rayl
Release Date – 2023
Rating – 4/5

Horror Society has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing filmmakers over the years along with putting me in touch with genre legends that I grew up loving. It’s been one of the wildest adventures of my life and every day I look forward to new opportunities that present themselves. Sometime last year indie filmmaker Richard Russell reached out to review his short Thewlis which really impressed me. I know that he had been working on a new film since my review of Thewlis and a few days ago he messaged me to check it out. The film, It’ll Be Okay, promised to bring a new spin on a beloved horror creature. I want to thank Richard for sending this one over.

**Spoiler Alert** The short follows an all American family with a loving father and mother with a teenage son. The three look like a picture perfect family on the outside but behind closed doors the son is hiding a dark secret that his parents have to confront once a month. However, as he grows stronger and stronger with each passing year they find it damn near impossible to hide him from the rest of the world resulting in them taking drastic measures to protect innocence lives. **Spoiler Alert**

I’m trying really hard not to spoil the film but this is one of the most unique shorts I’ve seen on the sub-genre. In fact, I wouldn’t call this a horror short at all. It’s a family drama with some horror elements but it’s not horror. It’s heart breaking and emotional which is something I was not expecting when I hit play. The acting in this one is great. The cast is small and they all work so well together which only strengthens the emotional connection the viewer has with the story. Their interactions and dialogue with one another feels genuine and you can’t help but really connect with them. This casting is damn near perfect.

The story for this one is essentially a drama about a loving family who tries to make the best out of a shitty situation. Sure, there is a horror twist to it but it’s more of a mention instead of an event in the film. The movie relies on the emotional ties of the family and the grave decision the parents are forced to make. It’s a powerful story that makes great use of it’s short run time. Finally, don’t expect to see a ton of blood and guts. In fact, there is none. The film is a character piece that does not need the blood and gore that most horror titles rely on. Overall, It’ll Be Okay is a must see short. It’s not your typical film that has the same subject matter. Russell is a name indie horror fans need to be checking out.


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  1. This guy has never had a no man. Every film has been focused on a shallow script, with no character development. That Thewlis movie was supposed to make me believe the main characters were significant others, instead of siblings. Them with no expansion. I was supposed to believe she lost a child? I’d rather watch the wall for an hour.

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