Shawn Burkett’s MONSTERS & MADMEN Crowd Funding

From the Indiegogo page:

From slasher films to creature features, for over a decade, Concept Media has remained as a leading powerhouse in the world of independent horror films.

Our films have gone viral & received global distribution.

My latest film STRANDED (To Be Released Very Soon) was a phenomenal time!

Stranded gave us the chance to think outside the box, and try some new techniques.

Project: Mothman – It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Cryptids & Creatures. And Mothman is in my top 5, so it was an easy decision.

At the moment we have 75% of the film shot and edited, but before we film all the parts with the Mothman, we want to make sure that the creature looks as real as possible!

So part of the funds will be going directly to our Creature suit!

The Devil You Know – This story is just insane, even though it’s completely set in reality! For me, real life stories are more terrifying than anything else.

Suspense and Terror go hand in hard in my opinion,

And there are several ways of bringing both to life.

With this film, we are blending the two with a bit of action and gore!

All in real life situations!


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