BayView Entertainment is launching viewers on an intergalactic journey to dimensions unknown with Documentary ‘UAP: Death Of The UFO’

BayView Entertainment LLC is launching viewers on an intergalactic journey to dimensions unknown. But just how unknown are they, really? UAP: Death of the UFO explores just how much the US Pentagon has known all along.

This revealing exposé charts the path of the government’s UFO investigations. When whistleblowers expose the truth, the world is presented with an answer: not only have UFOs been investigated all along, but the explorations have expanded well beyond space vehicles to include all UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).

Witness once-classified footage of aerial sights, sounds, and aircraft that cannot be explained. Will natural explanations be uncovered, or could these indeed be signs of life from beyond?

Brought to you by the producers behind All the President’s Aliens and Alien Crash at Roswell, this new documentary makes the case for the validity of both UFOs and UAPs in a compelling way that will provide viewers with much food for thought. When you watch UAP: Death of the UFO, decide for yourself: have we been visited by life from other planets, and are they coming to visit you next?!

No less a UFO authority than Nick Pope, retired UK Ministry of Defense official, heralds UAP: Death of the UFO, as a groundbreaking work in the field:

“This superb new film combines a meticulous deep dive into recent UFO developments with an insightful analysis of what’s going on. It takes as its start-point the government rebranding UFO to UAP – something I had a personal hand in – and explores how this was part of a wider plan to hide information and to shape media and public perception.”

Pope is not alone in his praise for the film. It has also received acclaim from leading UFO publications:

“Riveting expose, the people NEED to know.“ – UFO Insider

“Startling insight into the notoriously deceptive US military.” – Philip Gardiner, author of The Serpent Grail

“The shocking truth about the Alien Agenda is something that the people of Earth are not prepared for.” – Awesome Magazine

UAP: Death of the UFO releases January, 2024 from BayView Entertainment.


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