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SAW 10-Film Collection 20th Anniversary Edition arrives March 5 on Blu-ray + DVD + Digital

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Jigsaw’s games, the SAW 10-Film Collection 20th Anniversary Edition arrives on Blu-ray™ + DVD + Digital March 5 from Lionsgate. After the critical success of SAW X and the franchise grossing over $1 billion, this collection’s release is perfectly timed to the 20th anniversary of the first film releasing in theaters. The SAW 10-Film Collection 20th Anniversary Edition will be available for the suggested retail price of $79.99 for Blu-ray + DVD + Digital.

All 10 films from the franchise that created a new horror subgenre – including the latest chapter, SAW X – are collected here in one terrifying set. Rewind to the beginning when Jigsaw first springs his diabolically ingenious traps on the morally wayward, then travel his long road of pain all the way to Mexico in the newest entry’s untold story of John Kramer’s quest for a cancer cure, inspiring his most personal game yet.


Tobin Bell The Firm, Manson Family Vacation, Mississippi Burning
Shawnee Smith The Blob, The Grudge 3, TV’s “Becker”
Cary Elwes The Unholy, The Princess Bride, Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre
Primetime Emmy Award® Nominee
Danny Glover Lethal Weapon, The Color Purple, Predator 2
Costas Mandylor Dead Man’s Hand, Cosmic Sin, Beowulf
Scott Patterson TV’s “Gilmore Girls,” “Sullivan’s Crossing,” Her Best Move

Years of Production: 2004-2023
Title Copyrights: Saw © 2004 Saw Productions. Saw II, Saw III, Saw IV, Saw V, Saw VI,
Saw: The Final Chapter © 2005–2010 Lions Gate Films Inc. Jigsaw © 2017, Spiral © 2021, SAW X
© 2023, Artwork & Supplementary Materials ®, ™ & © 2024 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights
Type: Catalog Re-Release
Rating: R, Unrated
Genre: Horror
Closed-Captioned: N/A
Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
Run Time: 1,020 mins.
Blu-rayTM Format: Various
Blu-rayTM Audio: Various
DVD Format: Various
DVD Audio: Various


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