Dylan Mars Greenberg’s “Spirit Riser” to premiere at Museum of the Moving Image

Excitement is building as the highly anticipated horror film, “Spirit Riser,” is set to make its world premiere at the prestigious Museum of the Moving Image on March 30th. The star-studded cast includes acclaimed actors Amanda Flowers, Lynn Lowry, known for her role in David Cronenberg’s “Shivers,” Whitney Moore of “Satanic Panic” and “Birdemic” fame, along with the dynamic duo Kansas Bowling and Parker Love Bowling. Lloyd Kaufman, the legendary founder of Troma Entertainment, martial artist Jesse Yungbei and the iconic Cherie Currie round out this impressive ensemble. The film is also narrated by film legend Michael Madsen.

Directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg, “Spirit Riser” promises a captivating cinematic experience that blends horror, comedy, martial arts and surrealism. The film is produced by Tomás Doncker , Marla Mase and James Dellatacoma.

Attendees can expect a night filled with suspense, thrills, and the chance to witness the collaborative brilliance of some of the industry’s most notable talents. The Museum of the Moving Image provides an ideal setting for this premiere that is open to the public, offering an immersive environment for film enthusiasts to indulge in the magic of “Spirit Riser.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to witness this micro budget epic. Join us on March 30th at the Museum of the Moving Image for a night of glamour, excitement, and the premiere of “Spirit Riser.”


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