Blu Review – The Wrong Door (Visual Vengeance)

Knock, knock Ted… It’s the wrong door

Director(s) – James Groetsch, Shawn Korby, and Bill Weiss
Starring – Matt Felmlee (The Strip, Lovers and Liars), Loreal Steiner, and Jeff Tatum (Drop Dead Gorgeous, The Hymens Parable)
Release Date – 1990
Rating – 3/5
Blu Release – 4/5

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my recent Visual Vengeance marathon. I was able to see a film I had wanted to for almost 20 years during this time along with some films that I instantly fell in love with. I had wanted to see The Abomination for YEARS and was finally able to on blu thanks to Visual Vengeance. I also checked out the awesome Repligator, Vampires and Other Stereotypes, and now The Wrong Door from 1990.

This is another release from Visual Vengeance that I didn’t know existed until I received the press release. I forgot to reach out for a review copy when it was released but I wanted to see it regardless. I ordered a copy and when it arrived I decided to start this marathon with The Wrong Door closing it out.

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a college student who takes a last-minute gig to play a Jester for a birthday party instead of working on his project that is due. However, this quick gig for some extra cash takes a strange turn when he goes to the wrong door. A woman answers and mouths “help me” to him but he reluctantly ignores it when a patron from the party he was ordered for drags him to the correct room. After the party he goes back to check on her and finds her on the floor bleeding. He panics and flees the room but when he returns, he finds her body has disappeared and is greeted with two men looking for her. This is only the beginning of a wild night in store for him. **spoiler Alert**

When I ordered this one for my collection, I knew absolutely nothing about it aside from VV was handling the release. The film’s artwork made me think the film was about a killer jester or something like that. I was not expecting the dark crime film that was setting before me. I really enjoyed the film but it was not the horror film I was expecting.

The acting in this one was actually very well done. I really liked the casting and the energy they brought to the film. While the film could have benefited from a little more development with the characters, the cast did a great job with what they were given.

The story for this one can be a little difficult to follow but I liked the overall story and how it unfolded. A dude arriving at the wrong door to find a woman in distress only to find her murdered later is pretty compelling stuff. You toss in the suspected murderers looking for her body and tying up loose ends also creates a fun cat and mouse story. Where this movie starts to struggle is the random locations the dead/dying woman is randomly found at. If this had been a little more linear and used, then the film would have been a lot easier to follow.

Finally, we get a little blood but that is the extent of it. This is not a bloody flick and those seeking a body count will truly be disappointed. Overall, The Wrong Door was surprisingly fun and one I was not expecting to like as much as I did. This is another great release from Visual Vengeance. Check it out.

Special Features:
Region Free Blu-ray
Brand new director-supervised 2K transfer from original Super 8 film elements
Commentary with directors Bill Weiss and Shawn Korby
Commentary with director James Groetsch and producer John Schonebaum
New Documentary: Men Make Movie, If Not Million$
James Groetsch Interview
Shawn Korby Interview
Bill Weiss Interview
Actor Matt Felmlee Interview
Distributing The Wrong Door: Chris Gore Interview
Second feature: Alternate Director’s Cut of The Wrong Door (2019)
Super 8 short: Raiders of the Lost Bark (1983)
Super 8 short: The Pizza Man (1988)
TV Episode: The Gale Whitman Show
Original unedited Muther Video VHS intros
Image Gallery
Original Storyboards Gallery
Film Threat Review
Now Hiring Trailer
The Wrong Door Trailer
Visual Vengeance Trailers
2-sided Insert
Collectible folded poster
Reversible Sleeve Featuring Original VHS Art
‘Stick Your Own’ VHS Sticker Set
Optional English subtitles


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