The Official Teaser Trailer for Paranormal Witch Horror “The Witch of Wander Lane” Released

Zepstone Entertainment and McKinnon Media have released the official teaser trailer for The Witch of Wander Lane, a witch horror movie with a twist. In the 1930’s prohibition era, a secret coven of witches controls the liquor trade underground in a network of ancient tunnels. Tyrannical head witch Amelia Wander has created a new addicting elixir to boost profits, and as a side effect, it is turning the surrounding villagers into wretched, vampiric monsters. Unbeknownst to newcomer Zora, the granddaughter of the late head witch, she has been tasked to fulfill her legacy on the council and find a lost ingredient to the elixir. Can she discover the truth, and a way out, before it is too late?

The Witch of Wander Lane, (starring Vanessa Angel, Eric Osmond, James C. Morris, Laura Mason, and Tiffany Alexander) is the third feature-length film directed by Dr. Alicia Oberle
Farmer, Utah native who has been pagan witch for over 20 years. “Hollywood has varying views of witches historically in cinema,” says Farmer. I wanted to tell a witch story from the perspective of being a real witch. In our story, these witches, all from diverse backgrounds and cultures, are powerful businesswomen who run a successful empire. Our characters in The Witch of Wander Lane are morally gray, sexually free, and go through a variety of human emotions and

The teaser trailer offers us a taste of the sensuality and haunting atmosphere of the movie, which is being filmed in authentic prohibition tunnels. “We wanted to go for a blend of gritty
mafia movies such as “Goodfellas” mixed with haunting imagery from gothic horror movies, such as “Dracula,” says co-producer and co-writer John D. Farmer. “Zepstone has always been on the fringe of movies that are typically created in Utah, and this one will be our most shocking film yet. We are excited to unveil it to the world.”

In order to support these independent filmmakers during production, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Supporters can contribute to the campaign and receive a variety of perks, including signed BluRays, props from the film, and even a chance to be a featured extra in one of the final “kill” scenes. The campaign is now live on Indiegogo, and the movie is slated for release in 2025. For more information about the campaign, visit The Witch of Wander Lane Indiegogo campaign.


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