Everything Decays (Review)

Director – Jack Mulvanerty (Doll Fluids, Split)
Starring – Emily E. (Mutilation Theatre, Doll Are Meant to Be Trash) and Jack Mulvanerty
Release Date – 2024
Rating – 3/5

Several years back I was contacted by a couple of teenage filmmakers wanting to get the word out on their films. It was impressive seeing everything they were able to create while going to school and no resources. I lost touch with one of those filmmakers, Jack Mulvanerty, but he recently sought me out to check out several of his new films. His 2013 no budget splatter flick Creeps: a Tale of Murder and Mayhem was a lot of fun, so I quickly said yes. The first one I checked out was his newest film Everything Decays. I want to thank Jack for sending this one my way!

**Spoiler Alert** The film follows a beautiful young woman who soon finds herself at the whelm of a man who uses her to act out his most perverse fantasies. **Spoiler Alert**

It’s been a long time since I first befriended Jack Mulvanerty and it looks like his filmmaking style has grown tremendously as he has over the years. Everything Decays is a far cry from the last film of his I reviewed and while I don’t care for this type of film, I can see why so many genre fans do.

The acting in this one is not acting in a traditional sense. The film is essentially a fetish horror flick, so the two-person cast is acting out extreme fetish acts. The story for this one is textbook torture porn but with more emphasis on the sexuality of the acts rather than the horror. This is where the film kind of lost me. While the female lead, Emily E, is absolutely gorgeous, it just wasn’t enough to hold my attention on such a thin plot.

Finally, we do get some practical effects and a lot of blood, real and fake. I really enjoyed the practical effects that we do get but I’m not much on seeing the real thing. I guess I’m a pussy in that regard. Overall, Everything Decays is for those of you that like films in the same line as Barf Bunny. While most horror fans will not appreciate it, those with an eye for extreme horror and fetish horror will really enjoy it. Check it out.


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