TERROR FILMS RELEASING Acquires Worldwide Rights to, “WITCHES’ WELL”

TERROR FILMS RELEASING has teamed with writer / director (and Hell House LLC 2: The Abaddon Hotel star) Amanda K. Morales to release her found footage horror film, “Witches’ Well”.

Starring Morales herself, the film follows a best-selling horror writer who, while travelling in Edinburgh to research her book on the Scottish Witch trials, is hounded by both a stalker and a potentially paranormal threat, challenging her skepticism of the otherworldly.
Morales shared her thoughts about the making of the film:
“I’d been traveling for several years and was on the point of returning to the U.S. when I found myself quarantined in Edinburgh early in the Covid Pandemic, and like Leona, going ‘a little mad.’ I wanted to tell a story about it. Combine these rare circumstances with my long and abiding love of both found footage and a good cinematic chamber piece, and you have a film in which mine is largely the only mug you see. Sorry about that.
I passed The Witches’ Well, a memorial fountain with a plaque lamenting the accusations and executions of the past, on my nearly daily walks to the castle, and it made me a bit sad to think of what a heavy load such a small memorial had to carry.
I’ve long been a skeptic of the Paranormal myself and long lamented that fact. I am one of those who wants to believe; my childhood room was plastered in X Files posters, and I tried to talk my friends into blood rituals a la movies like The Craft. Yet, alas, I stubbornly remain a non-believer; but movies are the place where we get to pretend to believe. I can think of no more real magic.”

TFR will premiere the film on their YouTube Terror Channel on June 28th, 2024, including a live chat with the filmmaker. The film will then roll out across multiple platforms on July 5th, 2024, including Amazon, Tubi TV, PlayNow Media, UDU TV, Kings of Horror, and many more. Check out the official poster and trailer, courtesy of TERROR FILMS RELEASING.

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