Night Creature Productions Have Cast Their Latest Horror Feature Evil Inheritance

Night Creature Productions, the same team that brought you “Muerte: Tales of Horror”, have now cast their upcoming film, “Evil Inheritance”.

Known for their exceptional work within the constraints of low budgets, Christopher Ambriz and Louis Alvarado are pushing the boundaries of their creativity with "Evil Inheritance," a horror feature that promises to deliver a unique and chilling experience.

The Cast includes Josianne Salcido (Samantha Martinez), Luna Sofia (Miranda Martinez), Mario Aguilar (Father Joeseph Gomez), Jane Dare Haas (Sara Jones), Nathan Ray Cark (Roy Douglas), Roland Hernandez (Manny Rosas), Lauren Flinchbaugh (Rachel Wilson), Paul Montoya (Brad Martin), Peter M. Howard (David Dushane), Mauricio Cantu (Benny Cantu), Alfredo Resendez (Jerry Rodriguez), Mathieu Caviness (Father Gonzales), Pete Lutz (Bishop Patrick Connolly), Franco Montenegro (Joe), Nicholas Crezo (Omar), Scott Carpenter (Father Romero), Bryan Davis (Chief Carpenter).

To stay up to date with any news about the film, including how you can get involved, visit their website:, on their Instagram and Facebook pages, search: Evil Inheritance.


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