Friday, November 27, 2015

REVIEW: Dream Reaper


Hack Movies has a new Feature Length film that will soon be out in your local stores soon (or maybe not) calledDREAM REAPER

Dream Reaper is a story about a cheesy metal band (Dream Reapers) and there members that are having some problems with one another. The bassist is gay, the drummer thinks he’s a ninja, one of the guitar players never seems to move… until the end… and then the lead singer seems to have an obsession with sea monsters. But the lead singer, Willy, gets a visit from Satan or some kind of demon, in his dreams that tells him he has to break up the group, or the members will all die.
So add some goofy gore, cheesy acting, cheap lines, silly head crushing effects, and some penis dismemberment, and then you got yourself a good No-Budget horror comedy!!
I loved this flick. The acting is, well, amateur but it adds to the effect of what they are trying to get across. Horror is not only gory, but funny, and not only funny, but it can be cheesy when it tries to be. A lot of movies nowadays are cheesy and b-grade when they are not aiming for that. This one does. And it pulls it off with a funny and rather engaging story and plot to go along with it. Kevin Strange is the madman behind this film and the Hack Movie team as well. For some reason this fucking guy is funny. From the first glance you have of him, not even acting but in the DVD menu itself, you can tell he’s going to be a riot. I think he is a natural in front of the camera. His facial expressions through out the flick really add the cheesiness of the film and make watching it enjoyable.
he bassist that is hiding the gay secret is a decent actor as well. Watching those two doing the masturbation scenes was funny as hell. One guy jerking off to a nudie mag, and the other a nudie mag as well, except for the huge penis on the cover! And speaking of penis, there is a good scene with a dis-Member-ment that is sure to be remembered. Along with a head crushing scene that seriously reminds me and I’m sure all b-movie gore fans, of Troma. This is a good mix of gore like tromaness and crazy dream like scenes that will have you watching till the end. You can really tell that the entire cast and crew..(both one in the same)..had a good time doing this movie.
With all low and NO budget films, it’s shot with some friends and in their own back yard…literally. I think this is great. If you are comfortable with your surrounding s and have a good sense of what to do with them, then the movie and the story seem more real than ever. Getting everyone together to make a film is a great way to pass the time, chill with some friends and film yourself whacking off too gay porn and have a reason for doing it this time!!….?? (oops, said to much there) OH, I can’t forget about the BAT GUANO….I think I got the joke.
You really should check this flick out if you got some spare change. Hack movies do a good job with the DVD as well. There is an intro by Kevin Strange and the crew, commentary track, deleted/blooper scenes, and a No Budget Special Effects Tutorial, perfect for everyone needing some blood and gore.
I recommend this flick if you are looking to laugh and see some gore at the same time. Go out and buy it bitches!!
Tired of Troma, then check out Hack Movies!!
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