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Widescreen Films Productions

So here is another talented local filmmaker that is currently working on a couple of projects. Richard Diaz heads Widescreen Films Productions here in Chicago and Richard has been working in independent films for over 12 years now learning every aspect of filmmaking. He majored in film at Columbia College Chicago where he graduated in 1996. Since then he has worked with Reggie Bannister, made several award winning films, wrote full length plays, and now runs his own production company. A genuine indie filmmaker!! Well his latest feature is scheduled to begin production in 2010, but his other film Distortion is now complete and you can check out the trailer and synopsis below.

Stay tuned for an interview and some exclusive pics and info from his latest film, Killer Talk.

George is a video editor that starts to get visions through his TV of people getting murdered by a mysterious killer. As the visions become clearer and more intense he seeks help from his friend Jay and girlfriend Danielle and Detective Sam Blaine. The killer is not just any killer but one that has returned to murder people who will one day become soldiers in the war against good and evil. But he must kill them before they become aware. George has become aware early and is the only one that can stop him.

Distortion Teaser Trailer In HD from Richard Diaz on Vimeo.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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