Coming Soon From Global Scale International Pictures

Clifford Allan Sullivan has inked a deal with “Global Scale International Pictures” for two of their upcoming films. He will be directing, producing, writing and editing the two upcoming movies. Clifford Allan Sullivan, Canadian writer/author of the romance novel “Was it Really Love” is set to direct two movies that are coming out next year (2012). Filming is set to begin this  June” (2011). The movies are to be shot/filmed in and around “Victoria and York County” (New Brunswick, Canada).

Production Budget: $2.5 million dollars (Canadian).

Movie Titles:
1) “Roaming Beasts of Terror”
2) “Satan’s Blood Army Unleashed”

Genre: Horror
The films will be low-budget independent digital films.
Rating: “NR” (Not Rated).
Screening: Various Film Festivals.
The films will be released “Direct-To-Video” in (Canada and the USA) on (DVD) early (2012).

Production Company: Global Scale International Pictures.

Upcoming Independent Filmmaker (Director/Producer, Writer) Clifford Allan Sullivan. Clifford Allan Sullivan’s Website

Written by Mitchell Wells

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