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Exclusive Photos and Info from ANTI-BODIES

We got an exclusive for you guys and gals…..

“ANTI-BODIES” is the final segment of the “PSYCHO STREET” anthology and we got some never before seen photos, synopsis, and quotes from the folks bringing this to you…. Check it out!!

“Susanna Sullivan (Brigid MacAulay) is a cruel and immoral woman who keeps her teenage daughter (Kaylee Williams) locked away in her farm-house, “Selling” her sexually to the men from the small town of Kronanburg. Expecting a night of uninhibited sexual pleasure, instead these men find themselves plunged into an unspeakable nightmare of pain and death! But when a stranger (Jared Degado) arrives late one night, un-announced, it is clear that sexual deviance is not on his agenda…and his plan for retribution against Susanna may change her and her daughters lives forever!”


“ANTI-BODIES” is the final segment of “PSYCHO STREET’ and principle photography was completed on Jan 23, 2012….”ANTI-BODIES” will be replacing the “NO REST FOR THE WICKED” segment of the anthology…..While “NO REST FOR THE WICKED” Is a beautiful and haunting short film, done by an amazingly talented group of people from the East coast, we felt that it just did not fit into the bizarre, violent and sinister universe that exist in “PSYCHO STREET” s fictitious town of “Kronanburg”…..

Many of us being HUGE fans of director’s David Cronenberg and Stuart Gordon’s work, “ANTI-BODIES” is an homage to such films as “The Brood”, “Shiver”, “Rabid” and “From Beyond”…..

I went to my Y talented writing partner, Trevor Wright,with the out-line of the ANTI-BODIES story, and from that he produced an INCREDIBLy disturbing and bizarre script…and literally hit the nail on the head. The cast and crew assembled are some the best I have EVER worked with, and we all put in 3 VERY long days (many of us naked and covered in blood and slime for hours on end) to bring this unique horror film to life….

I have to give HUGE kudos to Kaylee Williams who had to be tied and bound to a bed during the majority of her two day shoot, in a VERY cold room of the farm-house we were shooting in. Clockwerk Creature Company’s SPFX for ANTI-BODIES will blow everyone away, and I have to say there is a scene in this movie that will shock everyone, and has, to my knowledge, never been done in a horror film before. Director Patrick Desmond’s vision for the old-school “Cronenberg” feel is DEAD on!….Hard-core horror fans are gonna LOVE this film!”
Marv Blauvelt


“I am so excited to be involved in a project that is so David-Cronenberg-esque.  Antibodies fits so well within the anthology of Psycho Street.  Hell, the name of the town is Cronenberg … it needs some of that Cronenberg flavor … however repulsive and revolting that taste may be.  Viewers are going to be taken to a place that they will have a hard time coming back from.  It is a story whose basis is “There is no frekkin way THAT just happened!”
Jason Hignite


“I didn’t fully realize how great our entire team’s chemistry was until after we finished filming. We filmed 36hrs straight after making 4hr drives to the set and getting no sleep at all. Through all of that, no one got irritated, short or snappy with anyone else. We truly were a family through it all.

I was so amazed watching everyone’s delivery of their character.  I felt like I was the weak link after watching everyone else. And the special effects work by Arthur of Clockwork…amazing!!!

It’s so great working with a director that is open to ideas and suggestions. Patrick Desmond allowed Antibodies to be a movie of collective minds and effort by everyone.  No egos got in the way of making this film.”
Jared Degado


Director/producer: Patrick Desmond
co-producer: Jason Hignite
Executive producer; Marv Blauvelt
Script written by: Trevor Wright
Story by: Trevor Wright and Marv Blauvelt
Production manager: Christy DeBruler
SPFX: The Clockwerk Creature company with assistance from Christy DeBruler and Jason Hignite

Cast; Kaylee Williams, Jared Degado, Brigid MacAulay, Paul and Jameson Barbosa, Marv Blauvelt and Susan M. Martin as “Mrs. Livingston”.

–ANTI-BODIES also stars Jameson and Paul Barbosa, Marv Blauvelt and Susan M. Martin as “Mrs. Livingston”
–ANTI-BODIES was produced and directed by Patrick Desmond, co-produced by Jason Hignite with Marv Blauvelt as Executive Producer.
–ANTI-BODIES is a story by Marv Blauvelt and Trevor Wright with screenplay by Trevor Wright.
–SPFX by the Clockwerk Creature Company with assistance by Jason Hignite and Christy DeBruler.
–ANTI-BODIES was shot on location in Delaware, Ohio on Dec. 29th, 2011 and Jan 21 and 22 2012 and is the final segment shot for the up-coming anthology “PSYCHO STREET” being distributed by R-Squared in the spring/summer of 2012.


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Written by Mitchell Wells

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