FUNDRAISER: The Zodiac Legacy

Fresh off the heels of the recently released (and highly praised) Black Dahlia movie – The Black Dahlia Haunting – it seems that Devanny Pinn and Brandon Slagle are at it again. Still my beating heart, as it seems the duo are bringing forth another original concept to tackle another historic, unsolved murder case. This time it’s their latest feature – The Zodiac Legacy – which brings new life to one of America’s most mysterious mass murderers.

In The Zodiac Legacy, “A killer emerges who believes that the letters the original Zodiac Killer wrote contain hidden messages instructing him to “remove” various individuals from this plane of existence.” Besides the awesome plot, and the additions of Pinn and Slagle, nothing is really known about the film at this moment.

However, what I do know is that The Zodiac Legacy is launching an Indiegogo campaign to acquire a part of the film’s budget. Now, one point the campaign’s creator wants to make very clear is that the films created between Pinn & Slagle are not only created, but released as well. The Black Dahlia Haunting saw its world premiere last weekend and a previous film, Area 51: Confidential is available on Video On Demand and Itunes. In other words – if you donate, your money will be put to good use.

By donating to the fundraiser, you can earn yourself the following perks: name in the credits, special thanks in the credits, associate producer credit, your very own astrological chart, executive producer credit, a character in the film named after you, invitation to the premiere and after-party (travel and lodging not included), and a coy of The Zodiac Legacy on DVD before everyone else.

To donate:

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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