Every Town Has Secrets in Stylish First Poster for Belfast Slasher ‘Braxton’


McGoldrick/McGuigan Productions has released the first official poster for its upcoming horror feature, ‘Braxton’. The stylish first poster carries on the film’s throwback style, described by McGuigan as ‘in the vein of Scream and My Bloody Valentine’.

McGoldrick/McGuigan Productions also revealed that a trailer for the independent film is set to be released next month, just in time for Halloween. “We’re starting to put the movie together and we’re very excited about what’s in store,” the pair said today. “We’re kicking the promotion up a notch with our first official poster this week, soon to be followed next month by the unveiling of our first trailer. It’s a very exciting time for us, and we’re thrilled to finally be sharing Braxton with horror fans everywhere”.

As previously reported, Braxton is expected to play the horror festival circuit and seek distribution through 2015.

In the meantime, stay updated at the film’s official Facebook page,, where the trailer will be debuting next month.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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