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Trashploitation – The Amazing Bulk (Review)



Director – Lewis Schoenbrun (Slaughterhouse Phi: Death Sisters)
Starring – Terence Lording (K is for Krazy), Shevaun Kastl (Frankenstein Rising), and Randal Malone (Dahmer vs. Gacy)
Release Date – 2013
Rating – 1/5

Tagline – “Don’t get mad.  Get purple”

When I was younger I wasn’t what you would call a comic geek.  I loved cartoons until 4th grade and then I was consumed by Goosebumps and those paperbacks.  While several of my friends were reading X-Men, Incredible Hulk, and Batman, I was reading Goosebumps and watching the X-Men the animated series.  As I got older I found myself gaining interest in comics.  In high school I was lucky enough to get copies of 30 Days of Night, The Walking Dead, and Hack/Slash.  I loved these but I never could get into the Marvel and CD comics.

With that being said, that never stopped me from reading the wiki for almost every superhero and falling in love with the cinematic universe their respected studies put together.  I love a good Marvel movie and look forward to them every year.  Not long ago, Wild Eye hit me with the bomb that they would be releasing the mockbuster The Amazing Bulk about a purple mutant.  I had to see it so I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send a copy my way.  Thanks guys!


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows two scientists working on a special project on behalf of the government.  One of the scientists is in love with the general’s daughter and will do anything he can to impress him so he can gain his approval to ask her to marry him.  He injects himself with the test serum and turns into a hulking purple menace that sets out on the city.  The police suspect it is him when they find his wallet at the scene of a murder and start investigating him.  Soon the general discovers his secret and sends him on a special mission with plans of killing him before he gets home but the Bulk out thinks and out outmaneuvers him and is able to get back to the one he loves.**Spoiler Alert**

I’ve seen a few mockbusters in my life and most of them were crap.  I hate to say it but they were.  With that being said, there is something about a mockbuster that pulls the viewer in.  Checking out a film that tries to be like a movie we love already is very alluring.  Maybe these films will fix the few things we did not like with the original flick.  Most of the time, this is far from the truth.  These are mostly made to make some quick cash.  The Amazing Bulk is a rare mockbuster that left me yelling what the fuck more than any other flick.

The acting in this one is horrible but I get the feeling that was intentional.  There was several scenes where I felt like the cast wasn’t even trying to create a character.  They were just awkwardly spitting out their lines and that was it.

The story for this one is pretty much in tune with The Incredible Hulk‘s origin story.  The film follows that pretty well but they do it with no style.  With that being said, the way the film was shot makes it utterly impossible to follow it the way a film should be followed.

Finally, the film has a few on screen kills but they are a waste of screen time. They are not entertaining nor do they look that great.  The film uses a lot of computer generate effects and images that is utterly horrible.  Several of the scenes look like the General insurance commercials along with some of the scenery that you could see in Beast Wars back in the day.  Overall, The Amazing Bulk honestly has no redeeming qualities that I could find.  The film could have been one hell of a comedy but it had no humor.  The film was dry and look bad.  I can not recommend this one.


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.