Troma Now Presents: The World Premiere of Peter Litvin’s Music Video “Gunz Up!” featuring Lloyd Kaufman

Mr. Litvin is a prolific artist/performer working out of Brooklyn, NY. His credits display a wide range of experience from musician, producer, composer, filmmaker, writer, and actor. Songs that Litvin has produced for others have amassed over 300 million views on Youtube- including “It’s Me” by TryHardNinja which was the #14 most downloaded dance song on iTunes for 4 weeks straight in 2014. Litvin’s film Hectic Knife was recently released by Troma Entertainment on their exclusive streaming service Troma Now and his music video “Zombie Movie” featured Lloyd Kaufman, as well as Kansas Bowling, the director of the hit Troma Release B.C. Butcher.

Once again, Litvin and Troma Entertainment have joined forces for “Gunz Up!” which Mr. Kaufman will also be featured in as “Crazy psycho pervert guy.” Reports say that Mr. Kaufman took umbrage with the casting stating, “That’s ridiculous, I would never consider myself a guy!”

“Gunz Up!” is directed by Bogdan Szabo, a New York based filmmaker, whose unique and edgy work is considered a mainstay of the Brooklyn art scene. When he’s not premiering his work at hip night clubs like Bizarre Bar, he stays busy working for MTV, Viceland, and editing videos for artists like The Killers.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Talking Heads and DEVO, Mr. Litvin is proving with works like “Gunz Up!” that pop music can be more than just catchy melodies and lofty lyrics, it can be artistic and intelligent.

Gunz Up!” can be found on Troma Now and TromaMovies!

Written by Blacktooth

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