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The Creek

creekReview by: Angry Princess

Erik Soulliard’s “The Creek” is a very low budget movie but there are some great actors in this film that help push it along. The story is about a group of friends that travel back to the cabin where the death of their close friend Billy took place five years prior. Billy’s ghost keeps showing up around his friends houses or work places scaring them enough to think that they need to go back put him to rest.

Emma is a nonstop talker who just drones on and on until told to stop. She likes to be goofy and happy go lucky as she hangs with her friends in the cabin. Angel who is played by Kathryn Merry seems to be the toughest out of the girls and some of the guys as well. Her acting skills liven up each scene that she is in, where as most girls would run from a scary rustling in the woods she tries to confront it.

This film was made possible by having the support of family and friends who helped by donating locations and of course securing a cast full of fine actors didn’t hurt either. There were plenty of complications within the filming since all of the actors had to work their regular 9-5 jobs and film on four day weekends from dusk til dawn for about six weeks. Two weeks after production wrapped the entire cabin was flooded by the near by creek. Water was over the cabins roof and the trail leading there was blocked off by trees and debri.

This film was cool to watch whether it be the kids bickering and being accusatory, or them hanging out driking a few telling stories of Billy while just having fun. It made me think of all the fun i used to have partying with my friends back in the woods of course minus the ghost. All the situations and problems that arose were all believable not some far fetched plot like most horror movies try to maintain.

I have a new found respect for independent filmmakers and their creations. They learned how to make their dreams possible on film and will not let no one stop them from doing so. Instead of sitting around trying to sell some screen play or idea while fantasizing about making all happen…they just do it.

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