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Satans Cannibal Holocaust

boxReview by Angry Princess

I was actually nervous as I put this DVD in. “Satan’s Cannibal Holocaust” is a SRS film and that means things will be pushed to the limits and very extreme. This one was sort of tame compared to the others I have watched but then I realized this was made by a different director.

“Kelly,” a wannabe reporter is working on a story about how much the mayor (who just so happens to be her dad) has been helping their city keep crime rates and unemployment low. Everyone commends him for that and how he has been aiding the homeless by feeding them at set up soup kitchens.

You watch as “Kelly” travels around downtown talking to the bums until she comes across the informative “Old Larry.” “Larry” is a middle aged man who lives on the streets, he is the one who knows all about what goes on within the homeless circle. He tells “Kelly” that there is a cult that worships Satan who have been kidnapping the bums to use in their rituals…their cannibals.

“Larry” tells “Kelly” that if she goes to the underground tunnels on the east side of town she’ll see exactly what he is talking about. The closer she gets towards the answers the more dangerous her search becomes. These Satanist are all about consumption of the flesh they believe it gives them power.

kayla“Kayla” stole the show with her cute self in her little school girl uniform looking like she just stepped out of charm school. This bitch was just plain crazy. I haven’t seen such a great female character since Sheri Moon played “Baby” in Rob Zombie’s last two features. She proves that looks can be very deceiving.

I thought the ending moved a little slow but I loved the way things went down. I am not familiar with the laws of Satanic rituals but when “Kelly” is captured she is offered a choice to make, this choice would decide her fate. Will she live? Or will they kill her? It all depends on her very important decision.

There’s a little twist in here but I saw it coming, I don’t know how but during the dinner scene I just suddenly imagined the “What if he” question and was right. It’s an ok movie and the flesh eating was kind of gross but nothing really grabbed me or shocked me.

I don’t know if I was desensitized by the two “Eric Stanze” DVD’s I watched prior to this, or if it was the low budget quality…but I figured out it was just a lame attempt at being horrific. The storyline is pretty cool it’s just that everything else doesn’t seem to mesh. You can be the judge pick it up and see what you think.

Sheila Thiele … Kelly Cauldwell
Mike Ketcher … Mr. Caldwell (as Michael Ketcher)
Ashleigh Schremmer … Kayla
Gus Stevenson … Larry
Daniel Allder … Paul
Sam Starck … Steven
Emily Haack … Meg
Graham Kramer … Male Initiate
Savage Noble … Female Initiate
Jessie Seitz … Mary (as Nos
Jason Christ … Mr. Cunningham
David Moore … The Priest
Brandi Nelson … Victim #1
Nik Howard … Victim #2 (as Dr. Nikolas Howard
Kevin ‘Bulletproof’ Dowler … Victim #3