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malleyScarlet Fry’s Nightmare Alley is a campy splatterfest Anthology in the vein of Tales from the Crypt & Toxic Avenger that pays homage to 60’s Grindhouse/Horrorfilms & will hit theaters October 2008. The film was written by Walter ruether & Laurence Holloway.

“Its like Like Blood Feast meets pink flamingos comments films Producer/Director Walter ruether. It provides a Debuet for a lot of young new talent in very funny roles says walter.

Ruether will make his third appearance as Scarlet fry the movies Ghoulish host. The Movie will also debuet Members of the popular psychobilly band Creepsville666 Geno Dellamorte & Dez K. Daver, Also in the cast will be Tana Satana Vincent Bochinni & Hardcore Group North side kings frontman Danny Marianino Who Is Infamous & Gained Noteriety for Knocking out Glenn Danzig (Former Misfits) with one punch, Marianino Has also appeared in several Genre films Such as Death Factory 2 (Bloodletting) Ect.. Also appearing in Nightmare Alley will Be Jack Grisham lead vocalist for the legendary punk band TSOL.

Grisham recently appeared in American Hardcore (A history of american punk 1980-85)

TSOL Also appeared on the soundtrack for the original Return of the loving Dead. Nightmare alley was filmed all over Arizona & Los angeles 2007-2008.

The film is a story about a Homeless man (Grisham) who makes This alley his home, one day he discovers some Punk rocker kids invading his territory, He then approaches Them With a comic book titled Nightmare Alley & Trades it to one of the kids for a ciggarette, little do the kids know there Gruesome Death is to be revealed in the pages, Scarlet fry then appears to tell you 7 Twisted tales from the comic That will Turn your stomach & send you crying for your mommy. The soundtrack to Nightmare alley is also Going to include several up& coming Bands & Musicians such as Grave Danger, Creepsville666, North side kings, & Patrick lamaide who will do the film score. This film is a perfect medium for Indie Music to get out there.

Nightmare Alley was an attempt to create a film that was purely entertaining and fun with lots & lots of gore. Inspired by Herschel gordon lewis, Ted mykels & Ray Dennis steckler “Its an absurd comedy says Ruether “If your looking for meaning look elsewhere!

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