MindFlesh (2008)


75 Minutes
Directed by: Robert Pratten
Zen Films

What do you do when your life becomes consumed by an unhealthy obsession? Chris Jackson has come to this point in his life and he is really starting to wonder if he is starting to lose his freakin mind, or did he lose it along time ago? His work as a taxi driver is suffering and his friends and lover notice the erratic changes that have been made in his appearance and his character.


Slowly life as he knows it slips thru his fingers as he battles with hallucinations and visions from his traumatizing childhood. Could his abuse be leading to this mental breakdown? What did Chris’s mom do to him to make him that terrified and disgusted of her? Can he face the past to be able to live in the future? Guided by nothing but his own instincts, Chris must decide on what to do.

The situation is somewhat explained to him and basically it boils down to, on this Earth there are multiple planes of reality and somehow he possesses the power to pass thru this threshold. The Goddess shows up finally and his experiment on OCD is now a naked reality sitting in his living room. There seems to be a catch, every time he encounters the Goddess his flesh turns red and hurts.

The torture this man endures gives a hit or inkling of a Hellraiser theme, especially when the goddess first arrives blood soaked and naked. It made me think of Julia before she got her skin and was all bloody muscles and bones. Can Chris break himself away from becoming the personal sex slave of his one time obsession? Or will he learn that nothing in life comes free, there are always twisted circumstances?

Written by AngryPrincess

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