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Incest Death Squad


Film to be shot in Chicago and Wisconsin in March, April and May of 2009 proud to announce Kaufman’s involvement.  

Wisconsin-Writer/Director Cory J. Udler announced today that Troma president Lloyd Kaufman has officially signed on to appear in his film “Incest Death Squad” which will be filmed in Chicago and the Spring Green, Wisconsin area in March through May of 2009.  

Kaufman is the co-founder of Troma Entertainment, the world’s longest running independent film studio, and is also an actor, director, producer and screenwriter for such genre classics as “The Toxic Avenger”, “SGT. Kabukiman NYPD” and his latest film “Poultrygeist”.  

“It’s a thrill to have Lloyd attached to the film”, Udler says.  “This script, Lloyd and I actually have a fairly long history, and it’s because of Lloyd that I even considered making this film myself.”

Udler says that after he penned the script, he sent a copy to Kaufman who phoned to say how much he loved the script.  “He also said that he didn’t have a million dollars to make it, but if I ever did to let him know.  So, “X” amount of years later, here we are.”  

Udler is hoping to have “Incest Death Squad” ready for release by late summer of 2009.  The film also stars local actors Carmella Weise, Tom Lodewyck and Melissa Murphy.

Written by Mitchell Wells

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