Victor Juliet’s Directors Cut

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did but Victor Juliet’ s was a trip and very fun to watch. In each chapter you get a little tidbit of a story that was totally enjoyable and even though this is a independent film it will keep you interested in whats going on in all these different situations. Victor Juliet is the eccentric film maker that will do whatever it takes to get the project done.  

His cronies are his casting director Rachel, and his all around go getter is Pete. They will do whatever Mr. Juliet likes and are very loyal with mouths that will not speak a word of what takes place for a film project to get finished. Victor will go to extremes to get the results he wants like buying a formula to change actors into zombies from a very elite organization.   

An actress named Sara is extremely excited that she finally got her first call back to be in a film. She gets there excited but admitting she is a little nervous since it will be her first time actually acting in a film. Can Sara make the grade to be in this unique horror flick? Or will Sara just be a test run for a sexier chick needing to be slaughtered? Take a little peek and you’ll grasp what I am getting at!

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