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The Devil Within Review

730_TDW_Poster_2.jpgNow, when I first heard about The Devil Within I was thrilled and when I read the synopsis I was even more but after I got done watching it I thought… it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad. There is lots of room for improvement but there were some good things about it. The main story centers on a group of ‘high schoolers’ who are throwing a super 18 party, well, drama between the group heightens and on top of that… there is a killer loose.

What I really enjoyed about this movie was the overall theme of this story… near the beginning of the film there is a long lecture of the 7 deadly sins and how greed leads to all sins, which is an interesting theory and it’s also brilliant to see how these analogies play into the film because every character in this film is guilty of these sins. When the end twist arrives, it plays out real nice.

The beginning played out well and it really sets up the tone of what this movie could have been and even in the end sequences, this movie gets heightened really fast and it turns into a horror/slasher flick that I actually enjoyed. There was blood, there were brutal killing scenes and I really enjoyed the twist.

With that being said… there were some things that I did not like. First off, I was mislead into thinking this would be a supernatural thriller with the principal killing for rituals, then most of the movie turned out to be a teen drama and it wasn’t horror until the very end, so to me this movie wasn’t sure of what it was. I was kind of disappointed because I really wanted this to be a slasher or a supernatural movie.

The characters were unlikeable with the exception of three; two being a couple of idiots and one being a teen struggling against her alternate lifestyle and the others are unlikeable… even the ones that I liked turned out to be cheating and bad and I get it’s realism but I wasn’t please.

In essence, this movie was okay, it wasn’t the best and it sort of let me down but I think this movie had a powerful message and I understand why the movie is called The Devil Within but I really wish this movie had executed properly. There were some powerful scenes but there is room for improvement. This movie was excellent but from a general movie standpoint it’s okay.