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Clownstrophobia Review

Going into Geraldine Winter’s Clownstrophobia you might not be afraid of clowns, but you will be when your done. Inside a mental hospital there is a female they call Patient X since they do not know her name and she is obsessed with clowns. She even says her father was one. Nurses need to be careful because she might be delusional but she also is charming and that’s a deadly combination. 
Doctor Boyd is a mousy little psychiatrist that seems to have a fixation with his fellow Doctor Janelle Weathers and later you learn why. Dr. Weather’s has a fear of clowns and decided to hold a weekend therapy session with some delinquent teens that also have the same fear. She seems to think that she might be able to cure them or at least help them.

They were sent there to get help and instead they got hacked. Doctor Weather’s brother was the crazy Snuffle’s the clown that committed horrible murders and tormented her at home. He decides to pay them all a little visit at Doctor Boyd’s residence and let the games begin. The kids are being snatched up and tortured in the basement by Snuffle’s.

Still at the hospital claiming that they stole her baby is Patient X with her docile and too trusting nurse. She cries to her nurse that Dr. Weather’s is not out there trying to help those kids and they are going to end up dead. Can anyone save the kids? Is it really Snuffle’s over there making that bloody mess? It seems that when one is punished enough they just might grow up to wanna punish others!

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  1. I don't see how it makes any sense for patient x to be snuffles mother if snuffles killed his parents and the psychologist was easily ten years older than patient x….

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