Watch Out review

Watch Out should of been titled Watch Me since all Jonathan Barrows liked to do was look at and love himself. You know from the very first scene that this movie was going to be unique and outrageous. Jonathan was totally asexual meaning he loved himself and everyone else seemed to be beneath him. He had an onslaught of insults waiting for whoever he came into contact with.

You can tell that there is something severely wrong with this man. Maybe you could even classify him as delusional, yes, it’s really that bad! But I don’t think the poor guy had a chance in hell, I mean just look at those wacks that are considered his parents. By Jonathan’s demeanor you would think that he was gay, he is very effeminate and the way he speaks just screams gay.

The part that cracked me up but was still totally messed up was when he was in this hotel room lying naked in the bed with a camera and a blow up doll. He could not get enough of himself and I don’t wanna ruin it for you so I won’t spill the sordid beans. Eventually his little mind cracks and he does things to ease his pain, like murdering people. Matt Riddlehoover is superb in this role, it doesn’t get any better than him!

The film was twisted and somewhat different then most of the movies I watch so it was refreshing to get a change of scenery even though it was focused on some metal case. It made my own twisted family seem like the Brady Bunch when watching Jonathan interact with his. There are just some lessons a person should learn on their own.

Written by AngryPrincess

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